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How do you deal with pure raw emotions HATE ANGER REVENGE OR WORST THOUGHTS.

While driving truck over the years i have seen from a-z and you would not think a driver would get extremely pissed because another car passed him well i have seen this childish careless act many and many times and some caused accidents one i seen was death and for what stupid road rage. If you are not in control over your emotions at all times this will most certainly happen at some point in your life. And i will tell you this happening repeating while driving will take the calmest person a set their emotions on fire it gets extremely trying for me at times.

Me i am happy go lucky high on life now having said this if you honestly think that i do not fire pure raw emotions you would be dead wrong. However maybe i am blessed because i express the emotion and then i vent go outside and yell at the top of my lungs clear my head smile and just say it is going to be a great day then i go back to what i was doing feeling a whole lot better inside.

NOW if and when i reach what i call the point of no return that is when i would use a self spanking, your body is nothing more than a pressure cooker dealing with on going emotions some you see some you hear and some you feel each and every day 24 7 yes even while you are sleeping. Most like me are able to take in and release take in and release therefore controlling that pressure inside being called normal, but there are some who keep everything inside no releasing and others who don't see the warning happening because they are not in tune with their body.

Those are the ones who at some point will explode taking everything out on others saying and doing hurtful things that can not ever be UN-done and they go through life never being happy or at peace with themselves thereby missing out on so much that life has to offer.


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A sort of make shift poll for the end of '17. How has being a spanker or spankee affected you in the parts of your world that don't include Spanking? For better or worse

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I have add new pictures in my photo albums.

5 new photos : Over the knee spanking.

3 new photos : Girls with red bottoms, Amateur's girls who show their bottoms,
Spanking of schoolgirls.

1 new photo : Naughty boys deserve to be spanked.

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One of my favourite chores I do, is grooming Master. Cutting his hair, tidying his eyebrows and shaving his front, sack and back. But how difficult is it to shave balls!!!!!!
I've never tried waxing, either on myself or him, years ago I tried the waxing strips on my legs but didn't find them very good compared with razors. Which is all I use now. But with my physical disabilities, shaving myself is becoming difficult as I can't twist and turn like you would normally. Master said he would do it, if it became too much and I can see that being sooner rather than later.
Has anyone got any recommendations for grooming him, and for me also, we both like to be completely bald and I'm so picky if I find an area with any hairs it drives me nuts.
We've tried creams, but they just seemed to burn Master's balls, burned on the crease of my leg to labia. We washed it off quickly when the burn became too intense. But it did nothing it was supposed to do.
I really need advice on this, what other people find works for them.
Neither of us want to go to a beauticians, one reason the cost, and secondly, well we just like doing it ourselves.
Am I better paying to get a waxing set with instruction on how to do it? I'm sure on YouTube there will be videos on how to wax a man or woman.
Truth is, I don't like the idea of stripping the wax of Master when it hurts so much.
If anyone has advice, tips, recommendations on what to buy I would love to know.

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As typical at this busy time of year I'm really struggling with chronic pain in my back. There's so much to do, I have to do most of it as, Master and our son both work.
But this has meant my back has got worse and worse every day, unable to to stand upright, I'm haunched over like a very old woman.
Master has allowed my morning maintenance spanking to be missed, but this morning I could tell he really wanted to do it. As usual I started mouthing off a bit, because I was too sore for a spanking too.
Master went to get his crop, hands out he ordered. I stared at him, well no I threw him a filthy look. Stuck one palm out. Flat, he instructed. I can't get it anymore flat. I spat out at him. So he followed with 10 hard swats, the pain from it was incredible. My palm burned and pounded. I his it under my arm. Other palm. He ordered again. Now this wrist is worse than the other, so it was leaning considerably. Flat. He ordered again. You know I can't with this hand, its much worse than the other. I said rather loudly. Arthritis and tendinitis trouble from using my walking stick for years has made it much worse. Master tried to flatten in whilst up in the air and realised there was no hope, so just left the palm as it was and gave 10 shockingly hard swats. Because it wasn't flat the bridge on my thumb got the brunt. When it stopped I quickly put that palm under my arm, like my other one. Both together, he ordered. I gave him my best dirty look, piercing eyes at him, before sticking both palms out. 10 swats later, I hid my palms under my armpits refusing to look at him. He fisted my hair, slapped my cheek then kissed me. Next time do as you're told first time, he ordered, and left for work. Leaving me sulking over my very sore palms, unable to do any of my sketch, thinking up any way of getting my own back at him. Of course I won't do anything, I guess I deserved it but doesn't mean I have to like it.

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Real Punishment: Changing His Behavior, Part 1 -- Texting while Driving -- -- He admitted to BlackStrapDad that he had texted while driving 6 times in the last 2 months and humbly asked BlackStrapDad to give him a "Behavior-Changing Punishment." -- -- 11 Dec. 2017, 6 p.m: BlackStrapDad picked him up at the airport, hugged him, and said, "I told you this will be different. There will be no warm up. You'll be whipped hard on the bare from the moment we start. It'll begin tonight with several implements. Then in the morning light you are going to cut a couple or three switches and you'll be punished several times during the day. Tomorrow night I've asked your brother to join us if he can get free and he and I will make sure you learn your lesson." -- -- -- -- SESSION 1 -- 11 Dec. 2017, 8:00 p.m. He followed directives from BlackStrapDad -- he dropped his Levi's, stretched out on the bed, legs spread wide, and waited. And waited. BlackStrapDad lined up the instruments and stated in a calm voice what was going to happen: "You will be whipped with 20 strokes with each implement, 10 strokes from each side." -- Head buried in a pillow, awaiting the start of the punishment, he heard BlackStrapDad pick up a strap. The punishment began. -- 20 licks with each of these instruments: Leather Strap -- Rubber Strap -- Leather Sjambok -- Bath Brush -- Hard Rubber Sjambok -- Paddle. Six whippings, 120 total stripes / swats. Time: 9:05 p.m. -- .

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I’ve got a appointment tomorrow and shall be recieveing the tawse on my hands I’m looking for some sinarios for this I like to get cought in the lady’s underwear drawer and for this require to wear the underwear and be punished I like to have the tawse stokes applied throughout my visit has anyone got any roleplay ideas for me ?

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I would like to express my appreciation for Dennim2001's excellent work. His illustrations are very artistic and suggestive. Huge thanks to him for the illustration what he created for the book of the "An unprecedented event in the traditional spanking club".

This wonderful book is now available in e-book and printed format at Amazon.

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Happy Holidays, Just 14 days till Santa visits...

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I would like to express my appreciation for Dennim2001's excellent work. His illustrations are very artistic and suggestive. Huge thanks to him for the illustration what he created for the book of the "An unprecedented event in the traditional spanking club".

This wonderful book is now available in e-book and printed format at Amazon.

In e-book form:


This story + 3 others in printed form. A very impressive, nice book with a lot of illustrations:


If you want to read an interesting and exciting story, I recommend these books to your attention.

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Not feeling so well, need a cute murse to take care of me, I ABSOLUTELY hate feeling sick...

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Graphic designer: Dennim2001

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This year has been filed with sadness anger happy times and really bad times hoping next year will be alot better. I strive to be a better submissive and obey more and listen. What's y'all's new year resolution?????

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I told this story to someone yesterday, but for a different reason. It was also the one and only time I was spanked outside, on the tailgate of a truck. I figured wth, you guys might enjoy hearing it too.

I was in a DD relationship with my boyfriend when this happened. I was about 22/23 years old.

We were always going to mud runs. For those of you who don't know what that is, its a giant pit of mud that people attempt to drive through as fast as they can. Its pretty redneck where I live, so these events are very popular.

Anyways, we were at a mud run with a group of his friends. I was one of 2 females in our group. I was also the shortest. The barrier surrounding the pit was too high for me to see very well. There was a gate near us that I would climb up on so I could see better. I was told several times by my bf (and his friends) to get down because it was too close to the pit. Mud, rocks, and sometimes even parts from the trucks going through the pit can be flung out.

I got down every time I was told to, but whenever someone got stuck, I would climb back up so I could see it better. I was physically lifted off a couple times and told, in no uncertain terms, to stay off of it.

Well, the inevitable happened. A huge truck was going through and got stuck, so up I went again. The driver was having a hard time getting his truck out, and was rocking it pretty hard. Mud was being flung everywhere. At one point, his truck couldn't take anymore and ended up throwing a rod. It came within a few inches of hitting me. You can imagine my boyfriends reaction to that.

He jerked me off the gate, checked me over, and then swatted me hard several times in front of everyone. My bottom and my face were burning. His friends, not only looked NOT surprised (this is fairly common in my area) but looked like they wanted a turn as well. That didn't happen (small miracles), but I was watched like a hawk by everyone until the run was over.

We were planning to go to a friends house afterwards, so my boyfriend didn't wait until we got home to deal with me. He found a side road, pulled over, yanked me out of the truck and back towards the bed of it. He had one hand holding my arm, and dropped the tailgate with the other. I knew what was going to happen, and was struggling like crazy to get away.

He sat down on the tailgate, and pulled me so I was standing between his legs with my back against his chest. Using one arm to hold me (and my hands) in place, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He yanked both my jeans and panties down and then folded me over his knee, using one leg to hold my legs down. Both of my hands were pinned behind my back.

He started laying down rapid fire swats that had me bursting into tears almost immediately. I'm not sure how many I got or how long it lasted (a couple years maybe?). I just remember that when he stopped, my bottom and sit spots were on fire, and I was limp across his lap bawling my eyes out. He started talking to me and rubbing my back, but I couldn't understand a word of it.

After I had calmed down some, he stood me up, pulled my panties and jeans back up, and picked me up. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and CLUNG. He walked me around for a bit, while I cried myself out into his neck and shoulder. He was rubbing my back, and I almost fell asleep. He sat back down on the tailgate with me on his lap, and lifted my chin. He looked me straight in the eye and said "Never scare me like that again. I told you to stay off of there for a reason. If that rod would've hit you, it could've killed you." That brought the tears flowing again, but I managed to get out a garbled version of "Yes sir".

We sat there for a few more minutes, before he carried me back to the cab of the truck and put me in. It was a very uncomfortable ride to his friends house, and everybody knew what happened. I got a few pats on the back and sympathetic looks, but nothing was said. That was the norm around here. Still is actually.

And that, my friends, was my most embarrassing and one and only outside spanking. Nobody witnessed the actual spanking (that I know of anyways), but I'm sure the local wildlife had something to chat about for quite some time. Hope you enjoyed my misery you kinky devils. ;-) ♡ Kelsin

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So, after all the troubles of getting her to Virginia, we had a great time. She is on the plane headed home right now. I am sitting very uncomfortably in my office.
Mrs decided it was time to play last night. Strap, my work belt, wooden spoon, hairbrush, toilet brush and the lexan paddle! Wow, she was on a mission. She turned my butt a lovely Crimson that lasted even through this morning. We also had some other fun that I won't subject everyone to. (But glad to tell in private if anyone is curious.)
This morning, my phone starts going mental and work is driving me crazy before I even walk out the door. Fresh out of the shower, Mrs asks if I need anything. "Yes Ma'am. Six with the lexan paddle? Full force?" She gladly obliges. Holy Hanna! That hurt. Unfortunately, my head is still spinning from work even after.
"Maybe you need more."
"Yes Ma'am. Until I call red?"
"Of course love."
A few other things happen, (private details), and then I am given somewhere around 30 more fast hard swats on a very sore bum.
Mrs is giggling and loving it. I am running out the door as she starts to pack.
Wow my bottom is sore. If I have any marks, I rarely do, I'll post Picts tonight.
Thanks Mrs it was awesome. See you in 10 day.

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Mornings. I'm not a fan.

They inspire dullness and dreariness and a reminder of everything you aren't up for in life. To me, mornings are an unnecessary evil, a duty to get through, so you can eventually make it back to the rightness of night.

To little old me, morning people are Clockwork Orange. Sorry, you Malcolm McDowells out there.

I'm grumpy in the mornings. Even when I'm having a great morning. Even when my 'morning' is 4 pm (as often happens when you stay up to 8 am -- or let's say, 10:40 am, like tonight/today/now!) Even when I've slept a long, wonderful time, and smell coffee, and have a wonderful and fun day ahead!! I'm grumpy. I hate waking up. I feel flaky, flustered, swollen and sluggish, mad and miserable.

Physically, mentally, emotionally.... I'm disgusted with not being asleep anymore but not being awake enough to imagine a different reality than my own actual life, yet. A limbo of blunt, cold, hateful, blurry, slow-moving, barely able to formulate my own name in my thoughts... reality.

Hate. It.

I'm a night-owl. No. I'm a night goddess. Owls don't hold a candle to me. And I don't eat mice.

The moon is beautiful and mystical. The sun is a blinding cancer-oven.

Day is full of people.... Enough said.

So, I'm grumpy in the mornings. I can keep it to myself most the time, but whether or not I'm being outwardly sarcastic or you happen to have a working grumble-translator, you can be guaranteed that I am thinking of frying anyone who talks to me with the slicing lasers of my puffy morning eyes and the searing snappiness of my sarcastic morning tongue.

Because I may not voice it amid occasional cavewoman-like grunts and low-pitched growls, but I guarantee you that I have just enough cognizance and brain-power to 1) get coffee, 2) hate my bathroom scale with a monosyllabic but vociferous vengeance, 3) take whatever path I must devise to avoid all other living creatures, and 4) -- if anyone is unlucky or oblivious enough to actually engage with me -- bite their freakin' head off.

I try to keep it inside, not put voice to the raging hatred for humanity (myself included) that grips my waking soul. I try to just smile quickly and grunt and move on. When I must speak, I try to formulate kind(ish) responses. But I am human (hence including myself in that whole hatred thing). And I make mistakes.

I've spoken to spankers and Tops of many types about this, especially when warning them if I'm staying with them overnight. Most scoff, laugh, then get insulted if it actually occurs.

(What, I ask you, is the point of communication, if what you say is heard as words, not meanings?)

Some time ago, I shared all this with the love of my life. He simply responded, "Don't worry. I'd just put you over my knee."

(Though I don't recall his exact wording, this was most definitely his meaning.)

The simplicity and effectiveness of it shocked me, and made me smile. He's good at doing both to me.

Then I told him that although it sounds fun and wonderful and relieving in a fashion... all jokes aside, I really would not be happy if he did this when I've lost myself to morning grumpiness. I would probably fight him and get quite snarky and unpleasant, and seriously mean it.

To which, he replied, "Then I'd paddle you seriously."


Do you see why he's the love of my life?

Now, if only mornings made as much sense as he does.

Any other morning-haters out there? Have you given (or received) a waking spanking... or an amped-up spanking for having a bad morning and not taking it with the grace (that only nighttime deserves)?

Or are you a morning person at heart and instead of spanking you would rather sing with cartoon bluebirds and blossoming daisies in your mind and skip and hum and chat like you've spent too much time at high altitudes......

Sarcasm. Hunh. It must be morning. :)

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So last Wednesday I was kinda playing around , an asked my husband if there was anything he could think of to punish me for . His answer to that was “no”, didn’t surprise me .i told him that I could think of a few things. He asked what they were an I told him that I wasn’t gonna tell on my self lol. So he guessed what I was thinking .. I have a really bad habit of not folding or putting any cloths away.. So I thought I was in trouble that night but when I don’t get out of work until 10 he tends to not like to have to do any discipline after I get home, so I was told I had til Monday to get it cleaned , well basically I have until 830 tonight to get all of our cloths cleaned up in my basement ,I haven’t done any of them an I work til 5 have to go pick up an tv an stand then homework with our kids an dinner .. so do we think I’m going to get everything cleaned up ?

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One of our contributors (Kissie) has Huntington’s Disease. Today I found an article in the BBC News about this horrific disease. But the news is not bad, in fact it is somewhat positive for those that have this devastating disease.


Now, I don’t know how this will affect her or if it will help slow the progression of the disease for her. But I do know it is hope for those that are suffering.

So, please offer a prayer. If you don’t pray, pray for this and Kissie, it can’t hurt. And still, if not, offer your thoughts and hopes and dreams that this will help so many.

Please consider contributing to http://hda.org.uk/donate/online to help find a cure for this horrible disease.

Every dollar/pound/euro/peso/yen, etc. helps. Thank-you.

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