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What can compare to walk on summer’s day
Through woods bedecked with foliage so green
Where primroses and bluebells in array
Hide little creatures scurrying unseen

What joys the forest dost in Summer bring
By pond and mere the little tadpoles play
Above on high skylark and blackbirds sing
Their songs of joy that make the forest gay

And then in midst of quiet woodland glade
Beneath the canopy of singing bird
We spy the hapless form of Sue the maid
Bound tight and gagged; her mournful screams unheard

Whilst bold Sir Roger birches her with glee
That she should learn the beauty of a tree.

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I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had been spending too much money on game tokens/extended lives online. The games I play on Facebook are harmless, unless one buys additional tokens and lives, etc.

Being as frustrated as I am right now with the disappointing birthday weekend I had with Michael, I have gone overboard (again) with my spending. Not only on iTunes but also on eBay and clothing sites. I expect to get a good return on the clothing but not so much on the other purchases. I will enjoy the eBay items when they get here but the money I have spent on game tokens/lives is simply wasted.

I thought about taking my laptop or tablet away from myself as punishment for spending the money but realized I'd know where I put it so that wouldn't work and I wouldn't be able to enjoy ST if I did that. I tend to overspend when Michael is out of town anyway but since he left Sunday evening, it's been balls to the wall with me.

What to do? What to do?

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I'd like to be climbing a young Birch tree,
And climb silver branches up a snow-white trunk
Towards heaven,
till the tree could bear no more,
But dipped its top and set me down again.

Thrilling my heart and soul
both going and coming back

One could do worse than
be a swinger of birches.

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Was ich nicht mag....

Ich mag keine:

-Ratten in der Burg


-schlechten Manieren

Viele Menschen scheinen zu glauben, dass im WWW übliche Umgangsformen außer Kraft gesetzt sind. Oder sie wissen es auch im RL nicht besser.
Wahrscheinlich letzteres.

Wenn Du ein kleingeistiger, unreifer, verlogener, armseliger Verlierer
bist, der sich in Selbstmitleid suhlt und sich hier ausheulen möchte, dann hau ab. Für solche Wesen habe ich nicht einmal im Netz Zeit.

Du bist anders? Ganz anders?

Dann trete nur heran, ich beiße auch nicht zu fest ;-)

Big Rocky

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I walk into the motel room, a note lays upon the bed.

"My beautiful,
Stay dressed, put the blindfold on and kneel in the middle of the floor, your back towards the door. Hands behind your back and head down.
We will meet soon. I hope you are wet for me."

I take a moment to let my breathing settle and to compose myself I do as the letter orders.

I am dressed for my blind meet as ordered. Button down maroon blouse, a shade to compliment my skin, and a loose flowing black skirt. Under which is my best sexy bra and panties set, ivory lace with black embellishments. I am hoping my Master will like them. He has said I am beautiful and sexy and please him already.

The blind part of this meet is the fact that he has seen me, but I have not yet seen him.

My body is still virgin to his touch.

I hear the door open and then close. I smell his cologne and feel his eyes on me. He steps closer and sits on the bed beside me. I feel a finger run down my cheek I gasp, he chuckles. "Easy beautiful," the finger traces my lips, "The fun has only just begun. I see you dressed to please me."

I let out a shaky gasp, as I sense him standing and moving to stand in front of me.
"You are so beautiful on your knees. This blouse is perfect." A button is undone. I feel my skirt being pulled up slightly. "Hands behind your head my Love."

Another button then another.

A hand is touching my collar bone and tracing to the top of my breast.

Another hand is under my arm, "Stand for me Beautiful."

He helps me up. The rest of the buttons are quickly undone, and my blouse now lies open and I shiver with anticipation.

"This skirt needs to come off," M says as he pulls it ever so slowly over my hips and allows it to pool at my feet. I feel the breeze as he circles me, feel his breath on my neck.
A kiss.

A sweet wet kiss on my neck.

I lean my head to the side in hopes to have another.

"Hands down my naughty little vixen." I feel my blouse fall as my hands come down from my head. It brushes the backs of my legs as it pools at my feet alone with the skirt. "Hmmm, you are such a naughty girl, it's very dangerous meeting me like this."

A kiss on my shoulder.

A shiver runs through me as his kisses run down my arm, to my hand and then to my fingers. Kissing and nipping every fingertip. And then to the other side he does the same. A hand to my chin and he is drawing my face up.

"Are you excited my girl? I can see by your shivers and erect nipples you like this ."

A kiss on the lips, strong and firm yet almost chaste.

A feel a hand at the clasp of my bra.

Fingers slip the straps down my shoulder and off. Hands and lips.

Tongue and teeth all at once I feel on my breast. It feels so good I think I might cum on the spot from just this first fondling.
My knees start to give way but before they do I am being backed up against the wall. My hands are in his and then brought above my head and pinned on the wall. I realize he has stopped. His Hands by my head, elbows at my armpits bellies touching hips pinned legs held tight in his, he has me caged against the wall.

"Do you wish me to stop beautiful?" he asks me with a kiss.

I barely manage to say "no, please continue Sir." Before his lips are crushing mine with another kiss.

Kisses down my chest, my belly, along my pantie line. Ever so slowly he slides my panties off my hips kissing back and forth both sides as he goes all the way to my toes. Then he kisses each one as I step out of my panties. With left foot in his hand, he kisses up my leg and inner thigh, brushes his nose in my little bush and then does the same with the other leg. He stops yet again and nuzzles his nose in my bush inhaling the fragrance of my arousal.

His hands run up my thighs spreading my legs as he ascends upon my mound. One finger brushes my lips, and they part for him almost begging him to continue. He parts them wider, and I can feel his fingers rubbing my lips and avoiding my clit. My knees weaken at his touch, and I am very glad to be against the wall. He stops and runs his hands up my sides and to my breasts. "What fun we are going to have," is all he says as he steps away.

I do not move and try desperately to catch my breath and calm myself so I can hear what he is doing. I hear fabric rustling and shoes hitting the floor; the bed creaks as he sits down on it.

Then silence.

I can only hear him breathing. I start to feel the butterflies in my stomach as I know he is just staring at me. I must be a sight. My hands are above my head my lips are swollen from his kisses. My nipples hard and breast plump and whisker rubbed. Knees open wide and thighs glistening with the juices flowing from my pussy.
I hear him stand and walk toward me. "take my hand," he leads me to the bed.

"Over my knee, I going to give you a reason to be breathless."

I can feel my blush start as I do as I am ordered. "So very lovely," M says in a low groan.

He starts to spank my bottom firmly, rhythmically. I moan. He picks up his pace, and the strikes come faster and harder.

"You need to be over my knee. You need to know what it feels like to be taken care of."

M continues to spank my now red hot bottom until I am begging to cum!

Fingers are now slowly moving up my inner thigh and then sliding into my slick wet pussy, I spread myself wide for him. I feel a wet finger on my lips. I open and taste myself.

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I am, understandably, cautious about whom I accept as new SpankingTube Friends. I want to know who people are, thus I will not Accept Friend Requests from people who have not filled out the More Info section of their Profile and do not share any information about themselves.

Neither do I ordinarily Accept people who have very recently joined SpankingTube.

That said, I very much like meeting new Friends and corresponding and sharing with those people who themselves are honest and willing to share.


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The last time Sean was punished was by his girlfriend's mom and another boy who was having sex with his girlfriend. This "relationship had been going on for a week. Sean's Girlfriend Suzy would have sex with Chris while Sean watched and was spanked and masturbated by his "Mommy", Suzy's Mom. Chris Spanked Sean many times as well and had turned Suzy over his knee at least twice.
One night Sean was home with his Mommy when Suzy and Chris walked in after going out. Mommy had planned to milk Sean's bare little pee pee in front of Suzy and Chris and then give him a good bare naked spanking in the diaper position before he watched Suzy and Chris having sex. Then he would be put to bed with Mommy.
Sean was in his mid 20's as were Suzy and Chris. Suzy's mom was around 45 and Not currently married. She had dominated Sean and made him do as she told him.
As Suzy and Chris walked into the living room mommy turned to Sean,
"Sean, little boy, I am going to humiliate and embarrass you in front of Suzy and Chris tonight in addition to your normal discipline."
"Do you have to Mommy? I have tried to be a good toddler boy for you."
"Sean now you know you hesitated and whined about your punishment last night and when I said you had to lick mommy's bottom you put up a fuss!"
"I am sorry mommy."
"Sorry or not you will take your punishment and learn your lesson tonight!"
"Yes mommy."
Suzy smiled and turned to Chris,
"Little toddler boy is going to get it tonight." She giggled
Chris smiled,
"Yes he is. Then we can make him watch while I have sex with you and cum inside you and make you pregnant."
Sean gulped. He knew this day was coming. The day he would be completely cuckolded and embarrassed. There was no stopping it now.

Mommy undressed Sean and laid him on a large adult sized diaper changing table. She made him lie still on his back.
"Hold still little toddler boy. Mommy is going to play with this bare little pee pee right in front of Suzy and Chris. A boy your age 23 being milked in front of them. Lay there and take it little bad boy!"
She grabbed his small bare penis with two finger and began to stroke it with her baby oiled fingers. Sean lay there completely at her mercy whining and moaning while Chris rubbed and felt Suzy's firm, plump, round, bottom. They both laughed at him. The humiliation was washing over him.
Suzy smiled and said,
"Look at you! Being milked and toddled like a little naughty boy! look at that bare little pee pee being stroked! That little bare pee pee is why Chris gets sex with me and will breed me tonight and you watch bad boy!"
Mommy looked sternly at Sean.
"After I milk you I am going to spank that chubby bare bottom of yours little boy! What does Mommy call your little chubby bare bottom Sean?! What does Mommy tell you to call it little boy?!"
"My chubby bare coo coo Mommy!" Sean said whining.
She stroked him faster and his pee pee got to it's full erect size like 2 1/2 inches maybe 3. He began to moan a lot and squirm.
"Hold still! Mommy needs to milk this baby pee pee"
Sean's penis squirt a little and she wiped him clean. She then stripped him bare naked and lifted his legs by his ankles. The most humiliating spanking position.
"Time for you spanking little toddler boy! A grown 23 yr old being spanked like a toddler! Shame on you bad boy!"
She began rhythmically spanking his wiggling bare cheeks. Slowly at first then slowly picking up the pace.
"Ask Mommy for your punishment Sean. Ask mommy to spank you good to teach you a lesson!"
"Please Mommy spank my naughty bare coo coo good. Ow, ow, ow! Spank me till I cry like a toddler mommy! Oooow!"
She spanked and spanked and spanked until he began to bawl like a well punished child. The whole time Suzy and Chris watched and laughed at him.
She let his legs down and put his t-shirt back on only and made him get of the table. He knew what was coming. They all walked into Suzy's bedroom and Suzy and Chris undressed. It was time for the sex and more humiliation....
(to be continued)

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Last night I think I might have had BoT at his patience limit with me.
I was a very tired, sick and cranky girl who had gone over her calorie count for the day. I informed BoT that I had gone over in hopes that he might let me slide just once after the day I had. I got up early and was ready to go watch wrestling. I got stuck in a friends driveway we never made it to the tournament. Spending 45 minutes trying to dig, push, and drive your car out of the side of a hilly driveway was not in my plans. That only started my day. We made it home and I started to feel sick, I eat when I do not feel well, and ate over my calorie count for the day. Giggling at that thought now but, I still tried to convince him it was not a big deal to go over just once and I did not have to tell him I was over in calories and the fact that I was not lying to him should be enough. *blushing* (I was not feeling myself, the brat came out.) My strong disciplinarian gave me 2 options. 1. to workout and burn the calories I had eaten off, or 2. Not do it and have to embarrass myself on camera for all of you to see.
I did not have to think very long to answer him I was looking for a workout to do.
Even while I was doing my workout I was trying to get out of it, my puppy dog eyes do not work on him I found out, and I remember telling him I knew I would be grateful for his help later but I was not feeling the love at the moment. He just let me ramble, write, and sweat my frustrations out. Today is a REST DAY! I will not be going over on calories and I will not be having to choose if I want to workout while sick or film myself being disciplined. THANK YOU BackonTrack!

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A school spanking was what triggered my interest in spanking years ago. In second grade I had a terrible crush on my teacher who was probably only 24-25. In my eyes she was beautiful and I became the teacher's pet for most of year. But, near end of year I did something really stupid in class that hurt a girl in the class. Ms Zoe made me stay after school and I knew she was really angry at me, but I was totally unprepared when she pulled me across her lap, tugged my shorts and underwear down and paddled me until I was bawling like baby. It was terribly embarrassing when it was happening, and it was the only time she ever spanked me, but still get tingling in my stomach today when I think about it. Oh, by the way, she informed my parents afterward and I got it again when I got home from my mom.

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Trying to shake off last night, and Saturday night, and Friday night this morning. Thought some old school Black Sabbath on full blast with my coffee and Adderall would wake me up a bit, then these words popped into my head. This is meant to be sung to the song The Wizard. Go on, give it a go at home if you like.

Rainy morning, clouds in the sky
Without warning, the Spanker walks by
Swinging his paddle, waving his belt
Skimpy panties, tingling butts

Never talking
Just keeps walking
Spreading the magick

Darkened powers re-appear
Vanilla girls worry, the Spanker is near
Punishment tears turn to joy
Bad girls are happy after the Spanker walks by

Never talking
Just keeps walking
spreading his magick

Bums are throbbing, eyes have gone dry
All the ladies, give a happy sigh
Spanker passed by, giving his time
All naughty bottoms, feeling so fine

Never talking
Just keeps walking
spreading his magick

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Last night, Sunday, I'd had a look at a few photos and clips on ST and was set to settle down and watch TV when I got a call from a spankee friend. She had the urge to be spanked and could I help?
What could I say? She's about 20 miles away so I headed off straight away.
When I arrived at her place she was dressed in her nightie and dressing gown. I've known her for years so there was no small talk. We went back to the lounge and I sat down on the couch.
She took off her robe and laid herself across my thighs. I slid her nightie up to reveal her pale cheeks and began to smack her.
She likes to be spanked hard right from the start so I really laid it on. Her bum changes colour very quickly but it soon fades.
I spanked until my hand was stinging but it wasn't enough. She'd laid out a large wooden spoon so I gave her 50 good ones with that.
That did the job and got her wriggling and yelping.
Once it was over she stayed over my knee as I rubbed her burning cheeks.
Eventually she got up, gave me a kiss and that was it.
A few minutes later I was back in the car and heading home with a big smile on my face.

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Last night, I made a conscious decision to change things, or at least add something new, in my relationship with Michael.

As I mentioned, rather than go out last night, I decided to cook for Michael. His favorite dish that I make is beef stroganoff (even though I don’t eat much beef, I still love to cook it for him). I went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon and also stopped at my favorite lingerie boutique and bought a couple of things for later in the evening that I thought Michael would like.

I showered and dressed in black leggings and a long sweater. While I was still finishing up dinner, Michael came in the door, totting a bottle of wine (I do not drink wine so this kinda made me think things weren’t going to end well). Anyway, he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me on the neck. I told him dinner would be a few more minutes and for him to sit in the living room and relax. He said he would pour us a glass of wine and turned to get some wine glasses. When he did, he smacked me lightly on the bottom. I could not help but think that this was the first positive sign of the evening.

He asked if there was anything he could help with so I asked him to get the salad out of the refrigerator and finish setting the table and thanked him for his help.

We sat down to eat. He poured another glass of wine for each of us (I had poured my first one down the sink when he wasn’t looking). I asked him if he was trying to get me drunk so he could have his way with me. We both laughed because we know it doesn’t take wine for that to happen.

After dinner, he helped me clean off the table (as always) and I told him to find us a movie on Netflix while I load the dishwasher.

I finally finished in the kitchen and went to the living room. I sat next to Michael on the couch. He said he had chosen Deception because he knows I’m a big Liam Neesen fan (second positive thing of the night).

I have a tendency to fall asleep when we watch movies at home but I was determined not to tonight so I told Michael to pinch me if he finds I’m falling asleep. He said he would be happy to and asked where he should pinch me. I told him to pick the spot himself. As I always do, I positioned myself on my side with my head on a pillow on his lap.

The movie was good. He paused it a couple of times to sit me up and kiss me. After the second kiss, he pulled me onto his lap and told me that if I wanted to put my head on his shoulder and go to sleep, that was all right. He said he would carry me to bed.

I figured there would never be a better time than this to tell him I wanted to talk about the night before. He nodded his head. I told him this was going to be difficult for me and to please not interrupt until I had finished. He agreed so I proceeded to tell him about my life-long desire to be spanked. Just admitting this to him was cathartic but I wanted to get back to the night before. He turned my face to his and looked in my eyes and nodded for me to continue.

I told him that I know I probably scared him when I was so aggressive. He shook his head yes and said “somewhat”. I asked him why he would not spank me, even though I asked, almost begged, him to do it. As he said on my birthday, he repeated that he had never hit a woman in his life (shades of my late husband). I told him that there was a difference between a spanking and hitting a woman. I asked him if something from his childhood perhaps was keeping him from doing what I so desperately want (perhaps his father abused his mother?). He said he had a fairly normal childhood (he was born and raised in Ireland but went to University in England) and that there was no domestic abuse in his home, to the best of his knowledge.

He then asked if my late husband had spanked me and I told him no and for the same reasons he was giving me. He was quiet for what seemed like an eternity and then asked if any of my boyfriends before I married had spanked me. I told him that a couple had threatened and one had smacked my bottom a couple of times but that was it. He knows I was not spanked as a child and asked if I felt like I had not been properly punished for things I did as a child or teen. I told him I thought that I just wanted the closeness of an OTK spanking (I didn’t use abbreviations as I’m just getting used to them myself) and the feel of a strong hand on my bare bottom as either foreplay or a punishment for something I had done.

I then admitted that I had started watching spanking videos. He said “You mean like porn”? No, not porn, just spankings. I asked him if he wanted to watch one or two to see what I mean. He hesitated but said if that would help, sure.

We shut off the television (Liam can wait until Michael goes home) and fired up the laptop. I logged into ST and just clicked on a couple of my favorite videos. I asked him to watch and I would try to answer any questions he might have after we watched the videos.

Long story short (okay, so not really), that did nothing to change his mind. I told him I was willing to be patient if he thought we could progress to a spanking soon but that, no matter how much I love being with him (we have the same tastes in theatre, music, art, etc.), I was going to find someone to fulfill my fantasy, but that I hoped he would be that person. He asked me to give him a little time; that he did not want me to seek the services of a stranger. I told him I would give him a reasonable period of time but to not wait too long. I told him I would not ask him again.

He asked if I wanted to finish the movie or just go on to bed. I chose bed, with the hope that once he got a look at what I had bought, he might react the way I hoped he would.

No spankings last night but he did show his appreciate of the lingerie. Baby steps, I guess.

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(I owe the idea for this to Fitch. See the comments in his blog below.)

Let me write a poem of spanking, Love,
Upon your soft and sweet behind;
Let swats rain down, from above,
And to your fate, be now resigned.

Let each stroke, then, be a word
In a sharp, incisive verse.
May every syllable, now, be heard,
And let your cries come unrehearsed.

With every stanza, feel the beat;
Your cries of pain will be the prism
Through which I see the rising heat
Of my poetic, spanking rhythm.

I’ll lay some phrases with a cane,
Some cruel and harsh, but treasured lines,
Which, for days, will remain—
Clear and red, cross-hatched designs.

Yes, like a poet, I will nourish
Your tender, sweet, submissive soul.
Just let me spank you with a flourish—
Be edified by my control.

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I was able to run outside two days in a row!!! I up and out the door with it being in the teens. I did not bring extra gloves. It is warmer out I did not need to wear two pair of pants or four layers of shirts why would i think to wear another pair of gloves? My long run is the a short one, YES! only 90 minutes. I can do this I will get 7 - 8 miles in and I will know I am on target. 60 minutes in my fingers are really cold? Really, really cold! shake them out keep them moving. needless to say I came home and was done with 75 minutes and only 6.5 miles done. I am glad I did, even with my "special" gloves on if I would have gone the last 15 minutes I would have had frostbitten fingers. I am learning, and I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me but, I am the "type" that if it says run 90 I need to run 90 or I did not finish. But I am learning that sometimes you just need to stop and say, "I did what I could today." I
I have been able to get a grip on my PCOS and I have learned to live with the pain of scoliosis, herniated discs, and arthritis is my back. I have decided that I need to DO not sit around and wonder if I can.
That might be the reason why my goals are set so high. If I do not do it know and check it off my list I might never get the chance.

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"Thank god," he said, "it's Friday. Bring some beer or I'll be mad."
I asked if I could bring Big Jack along.
"As long as he's been naughty, bring the devil and his dad.
I'll counsel him on telling right from wrong."
Big Jack had waited all his life. The paddle made him scream.
But every hellish lick was the fulfillment of a dream.

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I wish I would stop watching spanking videos and start studying for my stupid economics exam...

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Okay, something really cool happened last night and I just have to share. :) It's been really cold here the last few days, and last night was somewhere around -10. So we were snuggled on the couch watching movies, under three blankets.
At some point, we decided to move closer and rearrange the blankets better so that we were huddled together under all three neatly layered for optimal warmth.
Now two of them were quilts, but one's a fleece blanket that loves to build static and give you little shocks wherever you are foolish enough to touch it.
So as we start to pull and rearrange these three blankets, they immediately build up some goooooood static . You could hear the electricity popping in the air, and somehow, his foot, which was curled beneath my left butt cheek, carried a good portion of those little shocks right to the center of my left butt cheek. Somehow, it traveled through the blankets to him mainly, and then to the end of his big toe, which was firmly planted under my buttock, shocking said butt repeatedly. I did have on micro-fleece leggings that are super warm and comfy but they themselves create a lot of static and probably attracted the electricity.
I have to say it was one of the best body experiences I've ever had. The shocks weren't painful, they were tingly, slightly pinch-y/prickly, zing-y, almost too intense but then the tingles started spreading through my low abdomen and up my spine and I was loving the intensity.
Strange yips and other nearly unidentifiable sounds were spilling from my mouth as I squirmed and squealed as the little shocks kept coming.
I finally managed to squeal out, "You're shocking me, the static!"
So being the wonderful gentleman that he is, he started moving his hands across the fleece with faster and faster friction, increasing the static charge and the little sparks coming from his toe and my yelping and laughing and the fiery excitement pulsing through my body.
It was thrilling. I wanted to jump with every new shock, but I kept myself planted against his toe, knowing I needed to maintain the connection or the fresh new fun, the really, very nice sensation, would stop.
It was like getting a very small spanking. Small, but bringing the intensity that I crave. I could feel it very deep and the sting flared like repeated swats to one spot. It gave me the same-feeling, wonderful dichotomy of wanting to jump away and also wanting to stay perfectly still and see how deep the flare can go, because the deeper it goes, the deeper the pleasure aches and surges, sending tendrils of liquid relaxation throughout my body. The sparks were pure energy to my body and soul.
It was one of those moments that's just so much fun to be in this body, I consciously sank deep into my body and into the moment, relishing every single rush and tingle, every throb and ache, every wave of pleasure. Heaven is in moments like these.Wishing everyone, everywhere ~Bliss~

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I love a good booty rub.... I don't know why but I do. I feel so good and relaxing. A good otk spanking is one that has lotion applied booty rub. I know it sounds weird but after being spanked and ass is on fire. that lotion is the cooling agent that makes it feels all better. Even thou you know that it will only last for a few seconds before the soreness set in. I could go for a good booty rub right now without the a spanking then to be given a good emotional release spanking. That sounds real nice right now.

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I failed miserably at beginning my spanking life with a birthday spanking so I looked back at what went wrong when I basically threw myself at my manfriend (at my age, I thought that sounded better than boyfriend, but I think I'm wrong) and he rejected any ideas of spanking me. Perhaps, I should have taken a little more time explaining my decades-long desire to be spanked. Instead, I went full steam ahead without the desired result.

Last night, we again went out to dinner. During dinner, the couple at the table behind us was discussing the Fifty Shades movie. Michael turned to me and asked if I had seen the movie yet. I told him I had not and asked if he wanted to go. He paused for a moment and said "Is this what it was all about"? I didn't get a chance to respond before he said, "You asking me to spank you last night". I told him my request had nothing to do with the movie. "Oh" was his response and the rest of dinner was spent with small talk.

The drive back to my house was pretty quiet too and I half expected him to walk me to the door and go home but he came inside. I made coffee and we sat on the couch to watch the 10:00 news. He was a little uncomfortable, I could tell. I guess he was half-expecting me to fling myself at him again. I finally said that I had a headache, which was the truth, and oerhaps we'd better call it a night. He stood up, pulled me to my feet, kissed me goodnight and walked to the door. He turned around and said "Perhaos we can revisit your request tomorrow night". Well, I jumped at that and told him I'd cook dinner and we could just plan on staying in.

Wish me luck.

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Crimson escaped...

Well not entirely...

She went to visit her parents for what was going to be 1 day and ended up staying 2 days so she didn't get home until mid day on Friday.

Now, she did call and express her concern about the SHED... (not sure how sincere it was or if her bottom was just twitchin ;) but she asked for a 'few days' more. I said NO.

I said we'll see when you get home if there is any extension and so I have extended it to be at the END of the day on Saturday, which is today.

She is still sleeping right now and I know she'll have every excuse (too tired, too achey, too something) to not get started but no reason will be accepted and whatever status the SHED is in (and I will take a picture of it to share at the end of the day), is the condition her bottom will be in if it's not done!


Due to a LONG discussion and working out a more mutually agreeable solution. There has been modifications to allow Crimson to smoke but with a number of limitations and restrictions for the month of March while she gets her mindset prepared for quitting.

She has received an Attitude Adjustment spanking and scolding to reinforce the fact that she is still held accountable for each and every limit and restriction violation and it will not be pleasant in the least if she breaks one of our agreed rules.

She has also been reassured (during the same spanking) that quitting IS still going to happen, we will just see how she's doing by the end of March to see whether a pacing plan (20, 15, 10, etc...) or a Cold Turkey plan, will be the route we will take.

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