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Spanked on a regular basis
Sick of rules he places
Not allowed to say words...
Considered disrespectful
Punishment harsh
Signing that contract...
With My Dom
Starting to question...
Was I crazy or what???

Sir made me a schedule
Follow daily...Exactly or...
Spankings await me...
At the end of each night...
My ass like leather
Emotionally fragile
Close to a breakdown
I see in my future!!!

Wondering about...
Other Subs like myself
How easy is it...
Living this life!!
Difficult for me...
This life it seems!!!

Some days so happy
Thanking My Sir...
Other days so sad...
Crying instead...
Yes and No...
A fight in my head...
Knowing the outcome
Will always be...
I consent!!!

Dom/Sub therapy...
What we need...
My heart and soul...
Questions everything
Sir loves this...
Says we need...
Do I...maybe!!!

Writing my feelings
Help me immensely
Catharsis to my soul
Pouring from within
Hoping my confusion
Soon will end
Accepting Sir's lifestyle

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She's in the pool and sees her phone go off on the other side of the pool. Tabitha, a spunky soccer mom sporting a sexy one-piece accentuating her curves gets out and runs for it. The lifeguard whistles at her but she doesn't listen and he yells, 'Hey! Stop running!' She then runs back to the other side to show her friends the text she got...much to the lifeguard's annoyance and again ignoring the lifeguards's warnings. Complete lack of respect for the rules, he thought.

The lifeguard jumped down from his perch, and storms over to where the obnoxious woman was swimming and chatting with her friends. He pierces her with an eagle stare ....puts the whistle in his mouth...and turns the whistle into a bull horn..that echoed throughout the building….stopping everyone from what they were doing….and in turn ceased all the splashing water to a sound of a tiny drip in the distance.

The woman was so caught off guard and frightened....that she relieved herself in the pool, as indicated by the blue dye that interacts with the acidity and that began to form around her. The lifeguard pointed his finger at her and said, 'Get out of the pool! NOW!' Confused she had no idea what she had done...and it all was just surreal and in slow motion.

The lifeguard reached down and pulled the disobedient woman out of the water in one swift move. Holding her arm tight...he pointed his finger up to her chin and said 'How many times have I told you?' How many? Bewildered and stunned, she couldn't provide an. He spun her around, 'No!’ Followed by a firm smack on her bottom. Spank! 'Running!' Spank! And NO PEEING in the pool! Do you hear me?? Spank! Ow! She cried, as she tried to reach behind and try to block the smacks. 'No! Why don't you make me understand! She said defiantly. Oh really? He said.

At his feet was a towel. He quickly grabbed it, deep in water, and wrung it till it was whip tight. Her nipples began to harden and peeked through her bathing suit. The lifeguard snapped the wet towel on her behind with a stingy TWHIP! OW! She cried. SNAP! Ow!! 'Please No! SNAP! Oww! She whined. Her eyes started to swell and tear. Are you gonna listen now? He said sternly. Yes, sir! I'll listen, she said whining. Are you gonna run again? He asked. No, I won't, I promise!! She pleaded. I better not catch you running again! He said with a sense of severity. He let her go, gave a short gruff through his nose and turned around to head back to his perch. Embarrassed, she calmly walk over to her things and calmly, but expeditiously, made her way to the exit with her head down ....in front of everyone who watched what just transpired in silence. Just before walking out the door, and behind his back, she stuck her middle finger and tongue out at him, just as she pushed the door open which such a force and stormed out. Moments later she can hear the laughter roar throughout the building… from those who bared witness her embarrassing spanking.

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I have made the acquaintance of some very wonderful people here, and some absolutely delectable women whose friendship honors Me greatly. But I've found, to this point, NO women here withing 500 miles of My mediums sized berg and I can't help but wonder, What the Fuck is That??

I know there are hot blooded southern women out there, whose sweet derrieres are dying for the attentions I so long to give, with skill, real caring, real passion for the task, but... where are you? Oh I HAVE traveled many miles for the sake of a hopeful beginning and for reasons unrelated to compatibility or mutual desire simply not been able to see the circumstances allowing one or the other to so significantly change their life to move. And that's understandable. So while I am more than willing to have online play just because, I REALLY want to hear from some of the locals who MUST be here just hiding out somewhere.. Represent people! Step up, be proud, come out of the proverbial closet with us. We need some representation here. I adore the charming, lovely, passionate women I have been so fortunate to get to know here, primarily from "up North", not a pejorative at all, just a proximity limitation doggone it. Come out come out please!

Sex and Submission
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I can hear someone breathing. I can hear movement. Someone is circling me, taking in the sight before them. I can feel their eyes on me, taking in my nakedness. I feel a hand on my shoulder, it's slightly rough. It moves down and cups my bare breast. It moves to the other breast. Pain shoots through me as the nipple is twisted and pinched. Both my nipples become hard and erect.

I feel my pussy getting wet. My lips are puffy and aroused. They must be clearly visible. I can smell my wetness, pungent, musky. Lips caress the back of my neck, kissing lightly, barely touching the skin. A shiver runs through me, goosebumps erupt all over my body.

I hear whispering. There must be more than one person here with me, but how many? Am I a show for many? An exhibit? Entertainment? A thing to be used? To be played with? To be abused?

A sudden sting across my breasts. I cry out. The sting again. In the fleeting moment of contact I know it's a cane. The sting is concentrated in a small area. I shiver again with the joy of the pain. Something is attached to my nipples. Clamps. I feel the pressure as they are applied. Deep pain in them, spreading, working down into the fullness of my breasts. I gasp.

The stinging again, this time across my shoulders and back. My head is pulled back and lips touch mine. I can smell him. Smell his after shave. It fills my senses. I feel a hand between my legs, the palm pressing on my clitoris, making small circles. I feel a finger slip into my wetness. I gasp again as it pushed into me, then another, and another. Three fingers start to fuck me. They fill me, moving in and out. I start to respond. And then, they're gone, leaving me wanting more.

A sting again, this time across my thighs. I yelp. I hear a chuckle. The sting again, slightly harder. At the same time the clamps are tightened on my nipples. The pain is like lightning, it courses the length of my body. I feel my pussy getting wetter. I feel my juice run out onto the seat. Again I hear a whisper. My head is taken between two hands, they turn it downwards and I feel something pressed to my mouth. I open it and I feel a hot cock slide in. I can feel the ridges and veins pass over my lips. Pre-cum leaks from it. I can taste it on my tongue, salty. I run my tongue around the head and as more slides in, around the shaft until I gag as it hits the back of my throat. It withdraws a bit, allowing me to continue.

The hands are still gripping my head and the cock starts to fuck my mouth. It gets faster and faster. My mouth is being fucked hard. Without warning cum shoots out, filling my mouth, causing me to gag as it catches me by surprise, the cock is rammed to the back of my throat, making me swallow. Hot cum goes down my throat. Some escapes from the corner of my mouth and I feel it splash onto my left breast. I hear a laugh. The cock is withdrawn.

Another cock takes its place, my face is being fucked again. This cock is fatter and longer. The face fucking continues, hard and rough. My eyes are watering as the cock pounds my mouth, hitting the back of my throat, until it is pulled out and spunk hits my face, hot and sticky. I can feel it on my chin and cheeks, some on my forehead and hair. More laughter. I feel the rope around my chest being undone. My feet are released and I'm being helped to my feet. I'm guided to a bed and made to kneel on it. My head is down and my bum is up, exposed.

I feel hands rubbing the twin globes of my bum and feel fingers pushed into my exposed pussy. More hands. How many? Two, three, four? I can't tell but, I respond by pushing back against them. Warm wetness around my bum. I can feel warm oil dripping onto my skin. A wet finger at my puckered hole. It pushes in. Then another, working the oil into my tight passage.

I feel the head of a cock rub up and down my wet slit, stretching the lips open, then it's sliding in, filling my orifice, fucking me. Hot skin hits mine as the cock pumps in and out of my wet, eager cunt. I can feel cum filled balls slapping against me as I'm pounded. The cock stops and slowly it's pulled out. I feel it press against my bumhole. I try to resist but, it enters me, stretching me open, causing me to cry out. Not in pain, but in pleasure. I feel something hot on my cheek, skin, an erect cock. I open my mouth and it's in, fucking my mouth. I feel another cock behind me, pushing into my gaping cunt.

Three cocks fucking me, filling me, pounding me. Fucking me hard, fucking me without pity. Being abused, used and humiliated. I can hear more laughter. Suddenly all three cocks are withdrawn and I'm flipped onto my back. Hot spunk hits my body. They are cumming over me, I feel it splash across my skin, lots of spunk. It feels like its raining hot, sticky, spunk. Spots and splashes of spunk rain down on my face, hair, tits, stomach and legs. My mouth is forced open and spunk fills it, it runs across my tongue to back of my mouth, I'm about to swallow when more fills my mouth. Three times this happens then someone pinches my nose shut and I'm forced to swallow the whole salty, slimy, sticky, mouthful.

Then silence. I hear a door open and close. I'm alone. I lie there for a while, helpless and sticky and sweaty from the abuse. The door opens again. I hear a voice in my ear, the bindings are undone and I'm told to stay there for a few minutes then, I'm told to leave by the other door. I remove the blindfold and blink at the sudden bright light. I go through the door and I'm in a bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror. I'm covered in spunk from head to foot and, my make-up has run and is smeared all over my face. My hair has strands of spunk in it and needs a good wash and brush.

I look at the face in the mirror. I smile at myself. I look tired but, satisfied. My bum and pussy feels sore, but they feel good. I step into the shower, wash then I dry myself, dress and go home.

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Early rise tomorrow so going to bed without a sore bottom for the first time in a long time. Must lock my diary away. Maybe I will be spanked by a kindly Sir in my dreams????

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I am sorry to say that my Birthday Spanking video ahs been taken down by the Site Management - and I have been firmly warned never to post any Videos with any blood showing at all - which, naturally, I will have to comply w3ith - so it seems unlikely that I will ever be able to post another video on here!

There are other sites I may still be able to use, especially for those videos that show so much fun and laughter, as the one that has been removed! So sorry about this, but regulations are regulations!

I will still remain, for friends I have on here, and should still be allowed to make comments on the blogs here (I hope???)

Sex and Submission
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Raven felt so full, with the large plug filling her bottom. She was thinking back to the conversation, that got her into all this trouble. It was after Janie had been matched to Evan, and her own daughter had been matched to Dylan. She'd really thought the impediment to their relationship was his estranged marriage, but it must have been the kids. Now that they were promised, David felt free to make plans of his own. She supposed he would divorce his wife, but for some reason, she dismissed his very strong suggestion.

David had pulled her into the store room and they'd had a few rather rough, intimate moment. When they were done, he said, “Look, I know we are both very busy at the moment, but I've been getting more aggravated, as my feelings have grown. Don't you think it's time you limit your talents to management? There is no reason, whatever that you can't pass the crop to one of the more established women. They'd jump at the chance. You should stop seeing clients, it's making me angry, and I'm not comfortable with the overlap between my clients and your guests. You can always observe and critique, but I don't want you walking around, in nearly nothing.”

“Oh, David, I'm fine. They never lay a hand on me. “

“That's not the point and you know it. It doesn't look good, you aren't twenty anymore and your daughter is marrying into our family. Your behavior reflects on her. Your family now, reflects on my family.”

She'd done nothing to change her appearance at work and continued to see customers. She knew David was going to be very busy that month and frankly, didn't see the rush. He'd surprised her, that night at the club. She didn't expect him back in town, until the weekend. She knew, as soon as she made eye contact, that he was fuming. He'd left without saying a word to her. She thought he'd get over it, but apparently, she was quite mistaken.

It was a difficult position to maintain. He was not making it easy. She heard his belt swish from around his waist. The buckle had that familiar metallic sound. She wished he wasn't angry. She didn't like it ,when his dark side emerged. She had better just accept the strapping and apologize. Maybe the night could still be salvaged.

David wasn’t at all surprised, that she had not stopped seeing her clients. She loved her work, and he'd have let her continue, if it wasn't so obvious. Most of the dominatrices​ stayed away from the crowd. They entertained in the dungeon, it in a private room, and they were in leather, not panties. But, the men swooned over her, and she thrived on their lechery. She was all over the club, sometimes in a bra and panties with a thin cover. It rubbed him the wrong way. She could stop, or he could treat her the same way as any of the girls from her stable. She wouldn't care for that, he was certain. He heard a commotion from James's rooms. Loud cracks and crying…. Was that the paddle? He cracked open the door and saw James swinging that devil, towards Justina's bottom. She was blindfolded and he saw the impact!Wow what a wallop!!. She was unaware he was there. James nodded at him, but kept on swinging. That Stern, he really knew what he was doing. The mark it left, was the equivalent of twenty smacks. She would not withstand it, for long.

James would be bringing him that paddle very soon and Raven, who never lost her composure, would receive a hard lesson in obedience. For now, he would play with a few other toys, but he wanted to keep her ass in good condition for the paddling, he planned to deliver. He closed the door and folded over his belt, snapping it a few times for effect. He wasn't going to smack her bottom though. He was mostly going to hit her legs. Let’s see how attractive she was in a thong, with strap marks, all over her legs. He lifted the tail, and pumped it a few times, to make her uncomfortable, and then he wielded his belt, with firm intent mid thigh, and a tiny sound of shock escaped.

“Yes, Raven, this is going to hurt and it's only the beginning. Are you, not mine to command??”

“Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir. I just needed a little more time.”

“So, you are telling me, you arranged for one of the other girls to take your place, but it had not happened yet?”

“No, Sir, I’m not saying that. I didn't think you meant instantly, and I was going to discuss it with you when you weren't so busy.” Lying was dangerous, he was a brilliant attorney and he'd catch her, and then be even more disgusted. She convinced herself, that eventually she would have worked it out with him, but in fact, she hasn't given it any thought at all.

He began strapping her. The belt whistled through the air and hit her legs and, though she tried , she couldn't be still. Added to that crazy position, she could barely keep her balance.
“I'll have the truth out of you, I promise you. I can see your deceit a mile away.”

The belt was making a terrible mess of her legs.
She hadn't been truthful, and she knew she have to come clean. “Alright, alright, please, I can't hold the position. I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't make a plan. I just wanted to go on. I didn't know you had real plans for us and I thought you were being petty and jealous. I felt like just because I submitted to you, in my personal life, it didn't give your carte blanche over my family's business.” Tears came now, because she'd only just realized, that is how she felt and why he defied him.

“Get up.” David said. She nearly fell on her face, but he caught her. “Take off those ridiculous shoes. So, now we arrive at the heart of the matter. You are deciding where my influence ends, correct? If you wanted to bed your clients, and be naked, I'd have no say?”

Raven was standing in front of him, now looking up, at least ten inches, to his towering frame. She felt very small. “No Sir, I wouldn't do that.”

“But you could, no? Because that's your business, not mine?” He had a way to twist things, that left her uncertain.

“I was never doing things like that, David! How can you say that?”

“I was wrong about you. It's not going to work.”

Raven felt the panic.. She was about to lose him. “I was just saying that's how I felt, but you are right, I'll stop it at once.” She bowed her head and was resigned to it. She'd back pedaled quickly, trying to save their relationship.
“You can punish me, David,” she sobbed, “but please don't leave me.” She dropped to her knees. “I love you.”

“Come, get up,Raven.”. He comforted her. David had gotten her admission and he'd never planned to leave her, anyways, but she needed to fear his loss...Feel the possibility.
He wrapped his strong arms around her, and kissed her forehead. I'd never ask you to do something that would hurt your business. But you must be accountable for your personal actions, even at work. You disobeyed me, and then misled me, when I questioned you. You must be punished…. Severely. I won't tolerate it, not now, not ever!

David heard a tap on the door. It was James with the birch bunch and the paddle. What great timing!! They spoke quietly, for a moment, and then once again, they were alone.

“Stack the pillows on the side of the bed. Take everything off…. Everything!! Take your position. He put cuffs at her wrists, and then tired them to the frame of the bed. He tied each leg, to a bedpost, keeping her legs wide open. He pulled out the plug, and said you'll wear this every day for two hours and send me a picture. He had heard from James's, that Justina was in too much pain for real sex. He’d settled for a blow job, but David wanted to punish Raven AND he was not going to wait for sex. He'd take her, before the paddling, in the ass. But first he'd spank her bottom a little more. It was best, for him, when she squirmed. He wanted every plunge, to hit her sore cheeks. He slapped at her cheeks, up and then down, and reddened those sit spots, to a bright, deep pink. He added lube to his dick, and found her inviting hole stretched and open.He used his hand to guide it, into her hole and then pushed his way, through, going as deep as he could. He held her hips, grinding hard inside her. She gasped as he pushed into her dark tunnel, but could not really move at all. He pounded away and she loved it!!!

Oh, the feel! Having his huge hard cock buried in her bottom…. it was incredible. She could still rotate her pelvis and she did, as he reamed her raw. He couldn't believe, how great it felt. She shuddered all around him, and he slowly thrusted in and out, while she had a long quivering orgasm. He let himself go, filling her cavity with his warm stream of ejaculate. He lingered for a minute or two and then pulled out. He had work to do, very serious work. He cleaned himself up and used some wipes to tidy her bottom, leaving her tied and vulnerable.
She wouldn't be entertaining anyone, anytime soon.

She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the aftershocks of her climax and the tingling afterglow of the spanking and his belt. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. He let her up now and she'd be very contrite and dutiful.

David was cleaning the paddle and the birch with alcohol. He was getting ready to begin, as Raven was imaging more romance.

She was going to be SORELY disappointed!!

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In her usual bratty self, Serf continued to argue and be a total brat, as she got into more trouble she became closer​ to throwing a huge temper tantrum. Master was not impressed so decided to teach her a further lesson.
After caning her bruised bottom, he made her sit on a hard wooden chair, and then caned her tits, thighs and then hands as she was still mouthing off. Serf needs to do as she's told, if she continues the lash will come out, she was warned.
She was then given one hour corner time, allowed no after-care and sent to bed. It was only 4pm, but frankly Master had enough today, she had been acting a brat all day and had 2 spankings before this.
Surely she can't continue to be naughty in bed, but then again, we are talking about Serf, who can get into trouble over thin air if allowed. But she would get the lash and be grounded if this continues.
He went to get a well earned Jack Daniels, yes it was early but he needed to chill for a bit and calm down. He didn't remember when he felt this mad with her, he chuckled a little, yes he was mad and she had been so naughty all day but he did enjoy caning her legs, tits and hands. He enjoyed watching the expression on her face as she tried to be brave, her stubbornness not letting her give up. He shook his head, God she was stubborn but he did love her to the moon and back and thoroughly enjoyed punishing her.

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David heard the soft tap at the door, and welcomed Miss Raven into his room. She was not in her usual garb, but was elegantly attired. She was painted into a tight fitting, black dress, that hugged her curves, but showed just enough skin, to tempt the imagination. Her well endowed bust, just peeked out, above the scoop neckline, and her hemline was nearly to her knee. Her long, lean calves were amazing! She had on high heeled, red soled shoes, and wore diamonds on her neck, ears and fingers. Her ebony hair was coiled up high, on her head and her makeup was flawless. The scent she wore was intoxicating, and she turned every head, as she walked through the Dragon Lodge, to join David King, in his suite.

“Ah, aren't you a vision, come in”, David said, pulling her to him. "Are your having wine tonight, or the hard stuff?”

“Let's keep it hard tonight”, she said smiling slyly.

He poured a few fingers worth of very old, fine bourbon over ice and handed it to her. Taking his own glass, he tasted it and said, “Cheers! I wasn't sure you could get away, but I'm so glad you did.”

“Why, David, have I ever failed to come when summoned? Especially, when we've have had so little time together!! I could care less if the place burned to the ground, I'm insured.” She said laughing. “Now, help me out of my dress, if you don't mind.”

There was an ease between them and though David was her Master, he respected this powerful and self sufficient woman, and he had pure intentions. He hoped one day, they would make a life together. Raven submitted only to him. In all other facets of her life, she was the dominant one. David unzipped her and kissed her long, creamy neck. He loved when her hair was up like this. He smelled the perfume, he'd bought her in Paris, last spring. It smelled better on her, than it did in the boutique a where they shopped. She turned her head, to enjoy his kiss, shrugging the dress off her shoulders. David helped peel it down, over her lacy bra, her flat abdomen, past her tiny waist and over her generous hips. It fell silently, at their feet, as they embraced. He filled her mouth, with his hungry tongue.

She'd been longing for him, in the weeks that passed. The rush of activity they'd had, to pull off the Midsummer Festival, had left no real time for folic. They'd seen each other, of course, but only for a stolen kiss or two, and a quickie up against a store room wall. He'd pinned her hands over her head, and opened her legs, finding her wet palace. He'd wet his cock with spit, and then reached around her hips to lift her thigh. He'd entered her, holding her up by her bottom, roughly, but she was happy for the intrusion. His big dick slammed into her, until she wept with a shudder of joy and satisfaction. Tonight they would take it slower, but they both wanted so much to sink into that delicious place of passion. Raven knew David would take her there, in his time, but he would remind her, first, that she served him, and his word was law.

“Now we begin, Angel.”

“Yes, Sir… how may I serve you?” Gone was the confidence and cockiness she wore, and a demure and magnificent subservient beauty, stood before him. She held her hands behind her back, with her head bowed, slightly, in respect.

“Tell me, what have you done to disgrace yourself?” he demanded.

“Nothing, Sir. I honor and respect you in all things.”

“Did I not see you, prancing around the club a with barely anything on but your underwear?!”

“That was business, David, and you know it.”

“Excuse me!?”

“It was just business, SIR!” she exclaimed, trying to defend her actions.

“Is that so? Do you think you have to dress as a slut, to be the boss of that house?... Raven, REALLY?! The house could run itself, but you crave the attention, the power and the worship of those sniveling “men””, he spat.”Were your not lovely and sexy, tonight in that dress? That look inspires respect. That other inspires drooling. Step to the bed… NOW!.

Raven had no idea what he wanted, but she knew he had told her to stop taking clients. She didn't need the money, God knows,but some clients wanted only her. They were very powerful men, who wanted to be dominated. They wanted their asses beaten, or they wanted humiliation and domination. None of them were having sex with her. It was the family business after all, and she'd built it into a multi-million dollar empire. David was not impressed with that. She could still Captain the ship without swabbing the decks, he'd say. Raven went to the end of the bed, and waited for instructions. David sat on the edge of the bed, and called her to his side.

“You are going to regret not taking my advice. Do you think I can begin to build a future for us, with you still playing games in lingerie, with my business associates? Do you?!” His voice was gruff now. She was surprised to hear him say it aloud…a future for them! She'd hoped, of course, but thought he'd never be free of his wife. So she’d kept at her work, as usual, ignoring his disdain. He was incensed now. He told her to open the big drawer of implements.
“I want you to bring me the tail with the biggest plug, because you'll have it tucked between your legs, by the end of the night.”

Raven hated the tails and he knew it. But to argue with him, in this state would be madness. He would take her to the floor, and make her crawl. She'd rarely seen him angry, but he was not a man to be trifled with. She had defined him, but she thought he'd been unreasonable. She brought him the tail and the lubricant. I want your hands on the floor, your ass facing me.“ She wanted to say she wasn't ready for it! The plug was too big, but his furrowed brow warned her to comply. Raven had to tip herself forward to reach the floor in those high heels. He told her to spread wide, her legs, and push out her bottom. He began swatting it. He didn't just spank her, his hand started low and brushed and hit her cheeks, in an upward smack, making her beautiful butt jiggle. He began hitting each cheek, alternating sides, until it was quickly growing pink, then red - VERY RED. He pulled at left cheek, exposing her pink, puckered rose, and squirted a glob of lubricant on top of it. His fingers matched his huge hand, and he used his pinky to pave the way. He made sure it was slippery and he started applying pressure, against her.
He entered her, as she groaned, and added more lubricant as he poked in and out. He did the same with his pointer, driving deeper and wider and then picked up the tail. She felt she was going to rip, but David knew his craft. He'd reamed her out, just enough to allow the plug to breach her gates. With some more lubricant and a rocking motion, he fed more and more of the hefty plug in, until the widest girth of it, nearly two inches popped through and was swallowed.

As it went inside her, Raven tried to pull her bottom away, David dragged her hip back, and she cried, as it slipped into her. “There, nice and snug”, he said tugging and twisting the tail in his first. “You deserve this, don't you? You've been disobedient, haven't you?”

“Oh, David, if I'd known your plans, I'd have complied.”

He twisted the tail again, lifting it and her, to her tippy toes. You don't need to know why, you do as you are told! IS THAT CLEAR?”

“YES, SIR, VERY CLEAR!”, She answered quickly, her voice, high and strained.

"Now steady yourself." He said, unbuckling his belt. Where was James with that paddle?!"

Sex and Submission
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IN a dim lighted room after mid night she wakes up looking at watch to figure that she just falls for 15mins
complains insomnia from the begining of the week as her head was filled of thoughts and decesions she graves and can't stop thinking about it, distraction is useless how ever she tryed she looked beside where her wolfy hubby layes gone in a long sleep she enjoys looking at him, his hair his face his musceles with his wide chest and his strong back she bites her lips while her face features changed to a horny graves her eyes was going to drip when she flashed and remembered what happned coulple of hours ago the over pleasure she got , he was rough controlling understanding every tiny details she needs she start losing her self as she removes her hair backword squeezing her hips togeather trying to get rid of the pleasure chasing her in every moment she lives her work while shoping even hanging out with friends or visiting relatives specially when her alone but her clit electrics and shivers that she even can't control her nerve and can't step out of lust and lets the memories invaiding her more and more she was directed to new rule that when it comes to bed they should be all nude its the way he likes erotica and intimancy she can't stop hearing his voice telling her about his naughty licentious desires and how depates and disscussions runed between them she is so opssesed and inficted , she leaned beside a littel touching her butt memorising the spanking she got when she talked back about the nude bed new role she was arroused when the rough sex follows the spanking
"Ohhh God im addicted" its a thought she conflict with her self

layed on her side beside her pull not covering her self she just was in shock as her pussy drips not by her will she just flashs and pussy lost control
she trys to calm her self and kick out worries telling her self im not a freak i just living the climate of non described pleasure its a magic between me and him while she kept flashing back how she started with him and by time comes the changes from ordinary romantic to a caring domination and how she is wanting him needing him more and more till totaly submission she is blid without him she thinks now she is losing her self cause he is sleep in his lion's den after pre dominating everything and makes her all nude and she will be nude every night circumstances hits her mind her thoughts her feelings and her happites and belives , whats happening to me she asks her self as she raises a hip and cuddel the bed cover first i was shy and fears extreme actions and crossing limits now im totaly controlled always waiting his rules no closed doors when using bathroom and getting nude every night at bed time dirty dancing for him every week end god im so capitative in love and graves for more , she rushes in his hug and curls her self to his body as her nail runs on his chest calmly and slowly she know well he like to sleep and will be upset if she waked him she just thinking if she can keep him for her 24/7
i should take a new decesions and change our life why hesitation why im not admitting and keep struggeling between my self every day and every night she tells her self
she was enthusyastic and knock his chest with his palm and encouraging her self i will tell him and convince him , he felt the knock and starts to aware start opening his eyes
she fastly put her head over his chest acting sleepy ... honey are you ok .. he said while looking at her hardly opens his eyes
she replied with fake slight sleepy voice ... yes bebe i was drinking some water .. after he checked he starts to sleep again , ... bebe can i tell you something .. she said
tomorrow hun i need to sleee .. he responded lazely , she took the advantage and holds his balls and cock as her toy to sleep , half of his eyes opened hardely then closed and gone with sleep , she liked when he let her catching what she wants felt calm and safe and closed her eyes with a smile on her lip
( to be continued )

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I recently moved to another city with my work and am feeling very lonely . I did go to a christening today,it was very nice of my new work colleague to invite me. I was introduced to this guy,we started to chat and I was sort of warming to him until he told me that he is engaged,WTF,wish he had mentioned that earlier!!! Got a phone call from my Sir back home and I started to cry, but Sir talked to me the way he does and I calmed down,miss his
chastising touch and educating words,really hope I made the right move here. So end of June before I get to go back home and meet up with Sir again.

I am a sociable person but this place is too big and the people seem to be a bit cold,maybe its me,but I do things differently. This apartment is too big for one person,nice place but way too big for me and as far as I can see out the window there are lights. Going for a long jog tomorrow to take my mind off things.

Oi nosy !

Sex and Submission
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A friend has asked me about sub space. I’ve been there, but I don’t know that my experience is definitive or typical. Maybe those of you reading this would have something to add.

First, understand my point of view. I didn’t even realize myself until I’d experienced it that I’m a masochist. That gives you a neat little label, a box to put me in, but it doesn’t explain anything. When it comes to paddles, straps and canes, I perceive the bite of each of those, not as pain in the way I used to think of it, but something more like intense sensation. When I’m in the grips of it, I’m aware of nothing else. It’s a moment of escape that I’m only aware of in retrospect. Only after the pain passes do I realize how all conscious thought was closed down.

The relief that washes over me then, as the pain subsides, is a warm, comforting wave. The pulsing afterglow is heavenly. You just have to go through a little hell to feel it. Rocking back and forth between the intensity of pain and the relief of its passing drives me into an ecstatic state, as intoxicating as a shot of liquor on an empty stomach. After a long, severe spanking, I’m absolutely buzzed.

Thus, the fear, the apprehension of waiting for a spanking has a different flavor as well. I dread the pain, to be sure, but I’m looking to the other side, anticipating, the way you might anticipate a good meal.

However, a good domme can add other sensations to the mix to intensify the experience. For me, being physically restrained and out of control contributes immensely to the headspace. Throw in some other unwanted sensations—say, nipple twisting or tickling or bastinado—to keep me guessing, on edge, avoiding, twisting helplessly in my bonds, and pretty soon I’ve left my everyday world far, far behind.

I wrote a poem about one such experience and posted it on my Fetlife page. And now, since I’m on the subject, I’ll share it with you here:

Recollection of subspace…

My world is here and now as
your presence looms behind me,
warm and unseen.
Fingertips, nails, the flat of your palm,
smacking so deliciously hard,
then your breath warm on my neck
as you tickle my ribs and armpits,
blurring the lines between
pleasure too intense to bear and
impact so barely tolerable
that I gasp
and I struggle,
unable to free my hands…
You press me into the cross
tormenting my nipples
and my brain screams
No! No! No!
I don’t even know
I can’t breathe until you tell me…
Like the very opposite
of the anxiety that so often consumes me,
something like love rises in the silence
between thoughts.
Sensations wash over me—
colors of intensity…
pain is just an exclamation point
between the waves as
the sweet sting of the paddle
swallows me.
Your touch defines me…right…here…this…moment.

That’s it, boys and girls, in a nutshell. As I said, if you’d like to comment and share your own take, please do.

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Ever have a day where you just wake up grumpy and miserable for no reason..today is that day, I'm usually so good and I'm definitely teetering on the edge of getting in trouble, I honestly don't even know what my problem is today, but I really hope I can keep myself in check, this is unusual for me and I have already been warned twice.

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Picture this, if you will, ladies and gentlemen... Your wife is home, cleaning your house for you and making it look presentable. That's the visual, but what about the audio? If this was a true 1950's household, she'd be jammin' to some classic doo wop. "Doo wop, bop ba dooby dop doo..." Can you hear her singing along? Songs like "Denise" by Randy and the Rainbows, or even "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" by Frankie Lymon...these make excellent Spring Cleaning Day soundtracks! It's contagious, and very fun...I speak from personal experience. ^_^ So...now that you know my preference, what are some of the genres and eras of music you enjoy listening to while taking care of your home?

Sex and Submission
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where is my video......

What the fuсk!

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Freshly cut switches that should be getting use on my bare bottom

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Sex and Submission
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shhhhh... don't tell anybody

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In the order the videos presently appear; giving the title (theme), I am present in all these videos, all are self discipline (strap, belt, paddle or whip), I am the disciplinarian, I am the disciplined

Happy Easter 2 – bare arse, hands, leather belts
Happy Easter – underwear, hands, leather belts
Saturday in Holy Week – underwear, bare arse, hands, leather belts in the style of Sir Alex
Good Friday – flogging the back – rubber multi tail
Thursday in Holy Week – underwear, hands, leather belts
Wednesday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – third 80 strokes
Tuesday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – second 80 strokes
Monday in Holy Week – strapping the hands, rubber school straps – first 80 strokes
40 days of Lenten fun – sixth Sunday – multi tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 38 – cbt, balls stretcher, weights, rubber prison strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 37 – strapping the hands, razor strop
40 days of Lenten fun – day 36 – caning the cock and balls
40 days of Lenten fun – day 35 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 34 – caning and paddling the left testicle (ball)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 33 – cbt, weights, belts
40 days of Lenten fun – day 32 – hair brush, slick slim
40 days of Lenten fun – day 31 – whipping the back, leather belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 30 – strapping the hands, rubber school straps
40 days of Lenten fun – fifth Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 29 APRIL FOOL's DAY – cbt, belt, rubber prison strap, leather CPS, single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun - A prelude to April Fool's Day - cbt, belt, rubber prison strap, leather CPS, single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 28 – caning and paddling the right testicle (ball)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 27 – Canadian Prison straps (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 26 – whipping the genitals
40 days of Lenten fun – day 25 – nipple clamps, Canadian prison straps (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 24 – nipple clamps, martinet
40 days of Lenten fun – fourth Sunday – buffalo hide multi tail
40 days of Lenten fun – day 23 – ice cubes, balls stretcher, leather paddle with cone studs
40 days of Lenten fun – day 22 – razor strops – part 1
40 days of Lenten fun – day 21 – razor strops – part 2
40 days of Lenten fun – day 20 – Adam & Gillian’s slick slim (rubber strap)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 19 - weights, leather tawse and paddle, wood and lexan paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 18 – strapping the hand
40 days of Lenten fun – day 17 - underwear, hands, leather belts
40 days of Lenten fun – third Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 16 - caning and strapping the cock, rattan cane, leather tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 15 - St. Patrick's Day - Irish school strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 14 - chastity device, leather paddle, lexan paddles
40 days of Lenten fun – day 13 - harness leather belt, rubber canvas school strap
40 days of Lenten fun – day 12 - Canadian prison strap (CPS)
40 days of Lenten fun – day 11 - cbt, CPS, weights
40 days of Lenten fun – second Sunday – tightly braided thin multi tail
40 days of Lenten fun – day 10 – strapping the hand
40 days of Lenten fun – day 9 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 8 - cbt, clothespins, leather paddle, tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 7 – thighs (outer & inner), wood paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 6 – multi tail whips
40 days of Lenten fun – day 5 – nipple clamps, leather paddle, school strap, tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – first Sunday – single tail whip
40 days of Lenten fun – day 4 – small wood frat paddle
40 days of Lenten fun – day 3 – London Tanners 3 tail XH tawse
40 days of Lenten fun – day 2 – workman’s belt
40 days of Lenten fun – day 1 - leather straps

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