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I was determined to smooth this over. I apologized and promised to make it up to him but he stayed angry.
“I need you to take care of shit if I ask you to. We can’t afford a new engine when you let the engine oil run out. You were nearly 2 qts down. We talked about this before, remember?”
I did remember and felt bad. I knew he would opt out of this weekend as he just wouldn’t believe me when I promised to always check it in the future.
“Well Den, it looks like you have 3 choices. You can either get over it, get used to it or do something about it.”
“Hate the first 2; any suggestions what I should do?” he asked in a flat voice.
“Well if you just want peace of mind about the oil level you could just always check it yourself”...or, at a glare from him “you could spank me.
“Would it do any good?”
I imagine that depends on the spanking” I replied. “I feel sure it would go a long way towards scratching your mad spot so you’ll be glad again. As for anything else well, I think you’re capable of delivering a good hard spanking.”
You see I had a plan. Yeah, I’d have to take a few couple of swats but given our physical attraction to each other...I thought I would strip and lying naked across his lap he would soon find other, nicer things to do with his hands.

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People who know us from here may also add us on Fetlife under MsM79 & PureHeretic81. We are on there more frequently than here.

There are a few stipulations in becoming our friend on there as is on here. You MUST send a introductory message along with your friend request. You MUST have a informative profile and some authentic pictures.

*I know because of various reasons, some can't have face pics but at least have authentic pics. We have been in the lifestyle a long time and know the difference between authentic pictures from plagorized net pictures*

Hope to see you on there soon ;)

Ms M & C

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Even though I'm not really a big fan of self spanking - I've only done it a handful of times - it still remains all I have to work with for the time being. And today especially I'm really feeling the need to have my bottom roasted. More for motivation than anything else I guess. So I'm thinking this evening I may have to give self spanking another go and attempt to give myself the sore butt i feel I need...

Feel free to help hold me to this.

Firm Hand Spanking
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who else likes to role play ? i love it its a fun way to act out your fantasy's. weather its a secret fantasy you have .or something that really TURNS YOU ON..or its something you have ALWAYS WANTED TO DO BUT WAS TO SHY OR TO ASHAMED TO DO .. WHATS SOME OF YOU R ROLE PLAYING FANTASY'S...?DONT BE SHY....u tell me your i will tell you mine.. ok lets see what people say ...

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I’ve decided to go with option 3 and do something about it. Specifically, option 3 choice 2”
I had just walked into our bedroom from my dressing room and my husband was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room twirling the big rubber spatula around and around.
“Choice 2?” I stammered; “you’re going to spank me?”
“I am,” he replied. “I am going to paddle your bare behind. You won’t sit comfortably for a day or two when I’m done.”
My thoughts were on the conversation we had earlier this morning. He was unhappy with me because I hadn’t checked the oil level in the car for a couple of weeks but I had implied that I had just the night before. Okay I did more than imply; I said I had. I intended to take care of it first thing this morning but Denny said he would take the kids to his mom who was keeping them over the weekend. I was looking forward to yhis weekend; we were going to a great local resort for a ‘mystery weekend. 2 nights and 3 days there would be plenty of unstructured free time for romantic adventures. We planned to picnic on one of the small islands that dotted the large lake the resort boasted. We take a picnic basket filled with a tasty lunch, some wine and a blanket...I was smiling as I contemplated the sun and the sex...I forgot I planned to drive the kids and check the oil until I heard him come in from the garage.
“Wynn...Wynfryd come down here.”
Oh shit shit shit was running thru my brain. I knew I was in the wrong and desperate to make amends so as to not spoil our getaway. It was the first time we could get away since our daughter was born! And it would be the first time my husband spanked me!

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The ‘scold n spank’ (sns) played a role in many of the times I was punished. It was it’s own event tho, separate from the actual punishment. This is because Denny felt the less time between my misbehavior and punishment the greater its effectiveness as a deterrent. It wasn’t always possible to discipline me in a ‘timely’ manner tho as I was never punished when the kids were around or might come around. Also, the sns guarded against the spanking sanction. (More on that in a future blog). When he called me out for being bad he would also say “let’s get to the bottom of this” then pull a chair out. That was my cue to either raise my skirt or pull my pants down then get over his knee. I was allowed to keep my panties on. He would only use his hand. Once I was in place he would ask me questions regarding my misbehavior; to clarify and discover the extent of what I’d done. I was expected to answer immeadiately. If I did not he would repeat the question only that time each word came with its own swat. He said he wasn’t going to give me time to ‘think up’ an excuse or denial. If my response was vague or incomplete I’d get a series of 10 rapid fire spanks and he would re-ask again matching word to swat. Never even tried lying since I knew he would find out which would add to whatever punishment I was facing. He used the time in the sns to decide how he would punish me. At this point he would summarize what he knew editorializing as he did so. All this was intersped with both single and a series of serious spanks. He concluded by telling me the day and nature of my punishment. He rarely gave any spanking specifics beyond ‘paddled’ or ‘whipping’ or ‘a good hard spanking’. He wanted the time between then and the day named to be spent in a nervous dread of anticipation. Once when there were too many days until p-day I was told to spend 1hr on each of the intervening nites fashioning the implement he would use on me! If I didn’t do a good job he would use his belt!

Firm Hand Spanking
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Okay. The an incoming call pulled me out and I lost what had done. I'd do this in email or a wp app but I cant figure out how to paste it here. Dont know if its my phone or brain that's inadequate. Not going to re-enter again. Suffice it to say I'm 50ish, a widow, 2 adult kids and 3 grandkids. Nearly 25 yrs Denny and I lived a dd lifestyle but we didn't know there was a name for it let alone a community of dd couples.

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My current request is that I be told to bend over, which I do, and I am given six really hard strokes with the classic size 11 slipper (running shoe?). Its a replay of school so I don't take off my trousers. I am then told to bend over a desk and again six hard strokes but this time with the cane.

And now my trousers and pants come off and its the belt on the bare bottom.

I'm curious. Would I enjoy that. I've been spanked in the past but....

And what comes after 0113.....

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At seventeen (whoa, this ain't cool!)
Brad done gone sent t' reform school.
'Twas jist three months but, even so,
sure was a bitch t' have t' go.
Brad wuz guilty o' car stealin'.
Red Wing's meant t' give bad feelin'!
The judge? She took him down a rung.
She oftimes dealt with "common" young.
She warned Brad: "You come back here, son,
you're going 'til you're twenty one!"
An' when th' lady judge wuz through,
Brad bawled like bad kids sometimes do!
Brad's chums felt kinda miffed, it seemed,
but when Jill heard Brad's fate, she screamed.
(Jill wuz Brad's sweetheart, fair an' plump,
with comely face an' chubby rump!)
Cuffed in th' sheriff's car, Brad felt
that he'd sure rather git th' belt
than have t' go whar he'd been sent,
but t' Reform School off he went.
There ain't no cause t' wonder why:
that first night, "tough" new inmates cry!
He had t' go down thar an' sweat
in summer's heat, an' you can bet
he loathed it! Daily shuckin' corn,
an' hard farm labour, fresh each morn!
"Lights Out" was each durn night at eight,
bright sunshine streamin' through th' grate.
An' jist a buzzin' window fan
t' cool th' dorm room best it can.
Brad had t' lay thar, roastin' hot,
Man! How he hated what he got!
Brad longed fer Jill. So, what's th' diff?
Thoughts made him horny, thick an' stiff.
Brad grew quite ornery, stuck alone:
he's not shy o' the Male Hormone.
See, goin' without babes is meant
as big part o' th' punishment!
Ain't no damn way to scratch his itch
save but t' wank, rub, stroke an' twitch
'neath grubby sheets, dorm black as pitch.
(All Red Wing boys would beat their meat
- o' course - in deep night's squirmin' heat.
It's gotta to be huge secret, though:
Darn kids'll smirk. Darn staff can't know!)
Forthwith, a po' white trash kid dreads
four ugly concrete walls, bunk beds,
steel shackles an' cold iron bars
that each high window mars an' scars!
They hate dull guards, bland grub, harsh toil,
darn crops an' even farmyard soil!
They rue th' sargeant who'll entrap,
an' specially fear brown cowhide strap.
Most curse th' broilin' August heat
that, on th' beach? Would seem quite sweet!
Plus, when ya gotta "pay your debts",
there ain't no pop, no cigarettes.
No flicks. No mags. No ice-cream treat.
No nuthin.' Screw job's 'bout complete.
All records banned. No radio.
No T.V. Shit, time passes slow!
There jist ain't no fun t' be had.
Reform School leaves ya pissed off. BAD!
Brad had t' serve twelve long bleak weeks
an' finally got turned loose. He streaks
into his mom's wide open arms.
Cried: "Piss on them correction farms!"
Reform School wuz a pain fer Brad:
left him defeated, hurt an' mad.
Yet taught him t' respect "JOHN LAW"
jist like it does MOST kids who draw
a sentence down t' Red Wing Town.
(Or t' Sauk Centre -makes gals frown!)
Brad got home, an' Jill's sweet kisses
left no doubt: that's wut he misses
most of all! Brad got his fill
from scrumptious, barefoot, redhead Jill!
All guys an' gals who've been thar know
it ain't some place ya wanna go.
Reform School teens, both gals an' males,
assure you all it's TOUGH AS NAILS!
Gosh, all in all, that's kinda good:
Reform School sucks, but shucks! It SHOULD!

Firm Hand Spanking
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Dylan watched the events at dinner, knowing the feelings between Janie and Evan. He replayed the spanking Evan had given to Janie, when they thought they were alone, in the guest house. He remembered the adrenaline rush he felt, peeking in from the from the porch window. He knew then, that there was some sexual tension between them. He, now, had confirmation.
He had seen his Uncle going up to Janie's room. She was still crying, from the paddling, Evan had delivered in the bathroom. He wished, he could have seen that punishment too, not because he was attracted to Janie, but because he wanted to learn to spank women.
Growing up, spankings were given in private. The exception was when He and Janie were caught in the woods, drinking with his friends. He'd watched his Dad give Janie a switching, then later an even more serious beating in the office. His father had been even harder on him, that day. Though he was fascinated, he was very distracted by the pain, inflicted by the switch, the belt and paddle. He was also embarrassed that he was made to bare his bottom, to receive that punishment, in front of his cousin. It was that day, that he began wanting to wield the strap, himself. Fortunately, Janie's bad behavior, had afforded him several opportunities to witness her spankings, and another to overhear her, getting the belt. He had dreamed of punishing a girl of his own. Soon, he would have that chance!!
Janie was squirming on her chair, and when prompted by her Daddy, to thank Evan, she resisted. He knew then, his Uncle David had learned about the incident, in the bath. Did she admit to her feelings for Evan? He couldn't tell. Evan didn't say much. He probably was reluctant to say anything, not knowing what David knew. He would have to talk to his uncle, if they were going to move forward. He did hope they would be allowed to court. He liked Evan, for Janie.
By the end of dinner, he knew Janie was in trouble, again. She'd been excused, with a promise of a conversation before bed. That meant another spanking, on her recently paddled bottom. She had it coming, though. He was hoping his uncle would punish her, right in front of everyone, but he didn't.
As dessert ended, David invited Evan into the office. He wished he could listen, but unless they were loud, the heavy office doors, would keep their secrets. He imagined that they would be taking about Janie. What would Evan do? Ask for his Uncle's blessing? What would that mean? His Father said that he would train his intended. Would Evan train Janie, to be his wife and what would that entail? Would he be able to watch that unfold?
His head was swimming with all of these questions, and the thoughts of the Fair. He was expected to serve the members and be punished, at their whim, in front of everybody!! Although it gave him great anxiety, he couldn't help but be excited to watch the other boys be punished. Girls or boys, he could learn alot. What kind of punishment would there be? Probably strappings and paddling, but he felt that it was likely to take place on their bare bottoms. Would they be able to wear clothing or would they be naked and at their mercy?
It had been a long time since he'd been punished now. His skin would be very tender. He thought he should toughen it up. He went up to his room. No one else but Janie was upstairs and she had enough trouble of her own, to worry about.
Maybe he'd practice taking some whacks. He found a ruler in his desk. He checked the hallway. It was all quiet.
He pulled his pants and underwear down. He stood with his back to the mirror. Bending over, sightly, and watching over his shoulder, he slapped the ruler across his bottom. It was awkward, but after a few adjustments, he found a good position. He was strong and agile. His buttocks were well defined. He had to really WHACK them to get any heat. As he spanked himself, he grew hard. He had thought, he never wanted to be hit again, but maybe he just didn't want his father to punish him, anymore.
He kept it up, whacking the ruler up and down his bottom, until it grew very red. He heard footsteps on the stairs. He quickly pulled his pants up, over his stinging, burning fanny. He peaked out the door, and saw his Uncle James enter Janie's room. He'd be going in to spank her!!
He very quietly, crept down the hall, stopping outside the door.
He heard his Uncle talking about Evan. He told Janie, that he'd spoken with Evan and he'd give him the chance to train Janie. If she wanted it to work out, she'd have to learn to be obedient. He said even if she were perfectly behaved, Evan would be spanking her, almost daily. He'd give her exercises, that would be hard for her to accept. If she did well, they'd be allowed to court and marry. She squeeling with delight. She was so happy! They talked quietly, and he couldn't make out the words.
Finally, he heard James tell that her, he was very displeased. He scolded her for misbehaving at dinner and she started to sniffle and whine. She pleaded with him, to wait to punish her, saying her bottom was so sore already.
Dylan had ear to the door, now!
"No, Janie, you mine as well, get used to having your bottom beaten, regularly. Evan will begin training you soon. You're lucky, I'm only going to give you a few dozen licks of my belt. How dare you defy me, in front of the entire dinnertable! Pants down, young lady."
Dylan imagined the belt coming loose of the loops...His uncle, folding it over, and wrapping it around his fist.
"Get across my knee. Look at that naughty bottom! Let's get some cream on it, before we begin."
Dylan rubbed his own sore bottom, as he listened.
"There now, are you ready?"
"Yes, Sir."
Dylan heard every WHACK of the belt and relished every cry, from his cousin.
He rubbed his own hot cheeks and touched his growing stiff penis. Oh, it all felt amazing!
WHACK......"Ow, oh, Daddy!! Pleeese, WHACK....Ow!"
He heard her wailing, and the belt smacking her bare bottom. Closing his eyes, he could see it all, in his head. He hurried, suddenly, away to his own bathroom. His Uncle was almost done and he needed some privacy.
He took the ruler and locked himself in his bathroom. He gave himself a dozen more, harder whacks, as he worked his hand up and down his stiff hard on. He came quickly, and with a long moan of release.
He couldn't wait for the Fair!

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woke up today with a raspy voice..its sexy ass hell... think iam getting a cold... yesterday went good didnt get punished. smiling kept mostly to my self; so i wasnt that bratty;;; today is a different today ...smiling

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KCSpanks Club is holding their first party of the year on Friday, March 17th, which just happens to be St. Patrick's Day. It will be the wearin' o' the pink/red instead of green as bottoms are blistered in celebration.

Only vetted club members can attend, so don't miss out! More information here:

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hi all female i am ready 4 spanking me and ready for Marriage

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Since joining the site I've learned a few things; things we never thought of but wished we did!--Reaching your hand back to protect your behind and get a hand spanking? That's Hot!! Putting his rt leg over my legs while OTK to secure my position/prevent twisting snd squirming? Totally Hot! It also pooches the ass up and stablizes. The one getting spanked.
I am glad however, that we (read Denny) never saw that even deep red glow on alot of your spanked bottoms. My coloring is blond with red overtones and he was satisfied turning my butt a bright rosy red. Light bruising is fine; dark ones not so much.
But more than anything else I'm glad Den never ssw the video on ST thst featured this dude who could realy wield a switch. He would lay that dowl accros the woman's bottom in a lengthy rapid fire,closely placed series of red lines thst must have stung like hell. Den would have practiced and practiced and practiced until he too, could paint that red ladder on my poor behind.!!

Firm Hand Spanking
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Hi ST Community-This is me introducing myself to you. (Even tho I've already posted 2 of experiences) I thought if I planned on posting additional memories it would be polite to let you know little bit about myself. But don't worry, I'm not all about me ##A large portion of the blog disappears here--

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Today has been a awful day. Im glad that im finally off work and at home and just going to relax and call it a night. If anyone wants to talk just email me, it would be nice to have someone to chat with.

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another busy day... worked then babysat 5 of my grandkids today 8, 8, 3, 1, n 6 weeks....just got home a lil bit ago... will babysit again tomorrow n Thurs too right after work.. the kids aren't bad.. we have so much fun together ... but I'm just in THAT mood.. wanna just crawl across a lap and let myself go... maybe I'm just feelin the need to be "taken care of" myself... i don't wanna b an adult right now.. i don't wanna b responsible right now.. i don't wanna be good right now.............. yep.. I'm needin a spankin...

Firm Hand Spanking
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Would you take this over your lap?

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This morning I was very sore after our fun the night before, I could feel the bruises developing by the hour. Master got up and just before he left for work he said, “Right Miss, lets get your spanking done.” I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t want to do today, but I wasn’t going to lie and say my back was very sore. So I got up, kneeled on the chair, bared my bottom and rested my head on the back of it. Master got stuck into it very quickly, but my bottom was so sore, I couldn’t sit still, and grabbed my ass after each hit.

Now one thing to really annoy Master is to move around and grab my ass after every hit. So he pushed me back into position and continued harder. “Please, no more, not today.” I begged, to no avail. “How many more ?” I asked. “I don’t know now, you’ve messed so much, get back into position.” After that, Master whipped my ass a further 6 times, and when I say whipped, that’s what I mean. Ensuring the nasty little crop tongue, whipped the sides of my leg, leaving a shocking bruise there immediately. Tears sprang to my eyes once more, Is he hitting harder or am I starting to really sink into full submission ? I thought. Maybe a bit of both, I don’t know but it took a few seconds before I could get up, wipe my tears and head for my stool. 20 minutes of contemplation time on a cold hard wooden stool was not going to be fun. Master gave me a kiss, as usual stopped to look at me sat on the stool, bottom bared, and left for work.

I’m glad it’s a day without heavy chores today.

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