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In my opnion it doesn't and shouldn't matter I think it adds to the humiliation factor if I'm spanking an older sub I enjoy older subs but here my age range 20 - 50 I love to give them structure and more so displine them I give my subs a sense of authority , and a loving caring environment :) so if you ask me is it not okay to Have a younger Dom I say it's better more energy and more effective displine :) and a guy to show off when he takes you do dinner if your good lol

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Upcoming travel dates!

NYC : July 2-15. I am back in My personal space in Queens, NY near JFK airport and the Resort World Casino. Also available in Manhattan at the prestigious Rubber Studio with a day's notice.

Washington Dc/Northern Virginia : July 16-17

In August I'll be in Springfield, MO 8/11 and Kansas City 8/12-13.

For booking info please visit
See Me in action at and

Julie Simone

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I was punished by daddy due to the fact that I was a bad girlfriend talking back to him when I was not supposed to. I was order by daddy to go to my room spank my myself bare ass and with a hairbrush 65 times. Ohhhhh boy did it hurt, I learned my lesson. I am sorry daddy I will never be rude to you anymore

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I just given one of my subs 200 seats on her bare bottom for her disrespect you will not ever tell me no or question my ways that just ends up being hell for you I tried to be nice I do not let subs run over top of me

Ladies if you want a strict displianarian I am the man for the job but let it be heard I will not take any disrespect of any kind

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Ok I dunno if I should call this a problem or not but its somethin that's freshly on my mind.... I have had quite a few requests from Doms on here... now in truth I don't go snoopin on other peoples profiles UNLESS they friend request me, message me or write on my wall.. so I have no clue who is who, how old someone is, their level of experience etc... ill b honest again, I don't accept most requests..maybe I'm rude I dunno but I cant accept someone just for the hell of it... so as ive said ive had some requests, messages from Doms .. everyones been quite sweet n respectful .. then they either try to Dom me or want to be my Dom n a few ive found r quite young... I will not throw anyone under the bus cause theres no reason to n I'm sure if they r doin the same with others they will be just as honest with them as they have been with me but for myself Id need someone more my age or older ( n yes I'm an old fart)..for me to feel comfortable... so please keep that in mind before tryin to Dom me or wantin to... again ty so much for ur honesty.....

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I went shopping today in my royal blue tights and a sweater. I think everyone remembers me getting a spanking in my green tights and a sweater for going shopping dressed like that. Well I'm going to make sure my spanker finds out that I did this today!

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I decided to do a black thong leotard and tan tights spanking! I just love getting a spanking in a leotard and tights! I wore some nice kick ass heels with my leotard and tights!

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Who wants to spank me?????? message me ;P

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I have a couple very nice purple leotard and purple tights. I decided to wear my favorite one the other day and my spanker was available so we decided I should get a good hard spanking in that leotard and tights. I absolutely love wearing a leotard and tights for a spanking! It is the most perfect outfit to wear for a spanking! I feel so good when I'm wearing a leotard and tights! I always feel like getting a spanking when I slip into a leotard and tights!

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My last blog talked about a video i was trying to get st to post. I have tried several times. But they just wont post it. Also i have like 69 friendR that i need to accept. I have tried but it just is not working i dont know whats wrong. It shows i have 69 friend request but i only see like 6. So please be patient while i get this problem fixed. BUT ANYONE WHO NEEDS SOME DISCIPLINE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.

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It's been quite a time since I spanked a fresh bottom. Maybe putting finger to keyboard will change my luck. However I'm in Australia so maybe it's expecting too much to find someone here. But...never mind, faint heart ne'er won fair lady :-)


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Could use a spanking but oh well like I said save my bottom I imagine getting home from work to tired to clean or cook he comes home sees that he makes me go to bedroom wait for him then he or she needs me over knee giving me a few seats then has me stand facing him he jeans down bends me over again giving me harder swats the they have me bend over bed they really lay into me with a strap then make me stand In a corner

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ok just because I'm bored out of my socks I'm gonna share a true story.... after I left my husband I joined a few dating sites.. now I filled out a profile on each site n each one was the same but on some there was a spot for things I like to do etc... I mentioned I do like showerin together, love that wet skin on wet skin feelin.. I love snugglin in bed n just talkin... anyways.. I was perfectly clear on what I was seeking..

I was livin alone at the time n I would message with quite a few men ...lookin for that certain someone... when it came time to meet I would have them come to my place for dinner so we could sit uninterrupted n talk n get to know each other better... one thing I learned is men will tell u ANYTHIN u wanna hear .. I was clear I was into spankin n it was a MUST in my relationship.. so durin our talks they would tell me "they had a lot of experience"..." yes this was what they wanted too " etc... once id meet them they would tell me they liked me a lot n wanted to see me again but then the truth came out..."well ive never actually spanked anyone but I'm willing to try".. ( no I don't wanna newbie)... " I don't think I could spank anyone but id still want to see u " ( no I don't wanna vanilla relationship) etc..

now I kinda know it wasn't the best idea to have people come to my place for a meetin but I was more comfy there so I ignored what my gut was tellin me ( like ive said I don't always use good judgement)...

so anyways there was this one guy who calls me one day n tells me hes off work early n can he swing by to meet me.. sooo I said "sure"... as soon as I opened the door he waltz in like he lived there n went right to the sofa n sat down.. ( already I didn't feel good about this)... my bedrooms were small so I had turned my living room into a bedroom n the dinin room into a living room soo my bedroom was in perfect view... so this guy is sittin on my sofa n pattin it for me to come sit down.. I was uneasy but went n sat on the very edge of the cushion.. he tried putting his arm around me n I pulled away... he says "so do u wanna go take a shower together?" I said "umm no".. he says "y not? u said u like to do that"... I said " I don't even know u yet.. I mentioned id like that, I didn't mean I wanna do that as soon as I meet u"... so then he says " so u wanna go lay on ur bed?"... I said "no" belly was feelin awful bout now n I just wanted him OUT.. I offered him a drink of water or juice just to change the subject.. as I'm getting him his drink I'm thinkin "how the hell can I get rid of him".. I come back n n hes sittin on my sofa , shirt off, shoes off... my hands started shakin n I excused myself to the bathroom honestly thinkin of callin one of my kids n askin them to call me n ask for a ride or somethin BUT two things prevented me from doin that. ( 1) I didn't wanna involve my kids in this n (2) my " I can take care of myself attitude" kicked in... I walked back in n he was reclined on my sofa.. I sat on the other side tryin to get up the nerve to ask him to leave when he bolted up, pushed me back, was on top of me n tryin to kiss me.. I had my hands on his chest holdin him back as best I could... n said "no NO!"... he didn't resist.. he got up n I stood up.. I told him I wanted him to leave n he says "did I do somethin wrong?".. I said " I just want u to go" he gets his shirt n shoes on n goes to the door n says "can I see u again?".. I said 'no I don't think so" all I wanted was him to go so I could shut n lock my door ( somethin I usually didn't do ).. he left n I went n sat on the sofa, my whole body shakin.....

id like to say I learned somethin from that but I didn't.. I still met more people n I still had them come to the house but he was definetly the scariest one of all..

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Trying to find this collar, or someone who could make it for me!

I really love it, and just really want it, if anyone can help me please let me know! Thanks!

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sittin here checkin out ST videos.. bouncing back n forth tween here n another site n also checkin out some online stuff I might or might not get.... 4 more work days this week then 9 days off YIPEE....

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Do you remember the Baccaras's famous song 'Yes Sir, I can boogie'

Now it is my revised version:

Yes Sir, I can spank you

Mister your eyes are full of hesitation. It sure makes me wonder if you know what you're looking for.
Bad boy I will maintain my reputation. I'm a sensation. Try me once and you'll beg for more.

Yes Sir, I will spank you but I need a certain tool. I will spank you, belt you, cane you all night long.
Yes sir, I will teach you. If you lay down on my knee, I will spank you, belt you, cane you all night long.

No sir, I don't like when you are shouting or crying. You want to know if my belt will make you dance.
Yes Sir, I already told you in the first verse and in the chorus but I will give you one more chance.

Yes sir, I will teach you, but I need a certain tool. I will birch you, paddle you, crop you All night long.
Yes Sir, I will teach you if you lay down on my knee. I will spank you, belt you, cane you, all night long.

Yes sir, I will spank you. If you lay down on my knee, I will spank you, belt you, cane you all night long.
Yes Sir, I will spank you, but I need a certain tool. I will birch you, paddle you, crop you all night long.

Yes Sir, I will spank you. If you lay down on my knee, I will spank you, belt you, cane you all night long.
Yes Sir, it’s hurts, when I punish you strictly. I will hit you, whip you, slap you, all night long

Yes sir, I will sit on your face. I will piss on you, and you must thank me for it all night long.

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Sometimes i feel life as a sub is not fair, youre expected to do as your are told, no matter what.
At the moment, im incredibly tired, not sleeping at all. And i become a complete brat when im tired.
Yesterday i had an issue with the laundry, a stupid issue really.
Yet Mr G enjoyed winding me up and winding me up, laughing at me and got our son involved in winding me up too.
I threw an absolute fit, shouting at Mr G, telling him to go away, even tried slamming the door in his face. I was furious. At least i didnt swear.
Told you i turn into a brat when tired.
Eventually Mr G went downstairs, which gave me time to sort the laundry issue out, as i was going to bed early to try to sleep.
I did ask Mr G if he would mind if i missed his evening blowjob out and he did say yes.
This morning my attitude is not much better, though i apologised for my attitude, got my morning spanking, then another for being disrespectful.
On my dog walk, i recieved a message from Mr G saying when i get home he would like me to go lie on the bed and enjoy a cum ice cube. I want to see you enjoy it, he told me.
How kind is that !!!
He will tell me my punishment when hes decided what it will be.
Now i feel another melt down may be on the way.
Maybe chocolate will help calm me down.

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I thought i would update you on my last blog entry.

I woke up this morning with my wife getting ready for her work. She is younger than me and cannot retire as i have, and boy does she resent it.

She said Happy birthday and came over and gave me a quick peck. I put my arm around her stroked her bum and taking her hand laid it over the covers on my throbbing erection. I asked her while rubbing her bottom "any chance of a birthday spanking?".

With a snort and disgusted look she ripped her hand away and then replied "grow up" and walked out.

I'm not sure but i take it that that's a no.

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I really wish I could just go to sleep. I am so tired but cannot seem to sleep ummm.... good night all

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I was still using my phone while driving and I needed to be taught a lesson. I wore my tight black dress with my royal blue tights and got a real good hard hand spanking. Then I had to change into my tan fishnet tights and I got a stinging hand spanking followed by a hairbrush spanking! I think I finally learned my lesson about driving and using my phone!

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