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All my videos are now on sale through Monday May 31 2016. Please remember to thank a veteran for their service. Without them, none of this would be possible.
Enjoy the weekend in peace

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I got my first ever mouth soaping today for talking bad about myself and now my lips are on fire. Is that a common thing or what? I am trying to not worry but still they hurt.

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I'm real excited about this. Here in Kansas City, with the help of Alicia Panettiere we will be doing a demonstration on PADDLES and PADDLING. This will be for a local BDSM group.

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Posted by a friend on Facebook.

If you're not being treated with love & respect, check your "Price Tag." Perhaps you have marked yourself down. It's "YOU" who tell people what you're worth by what you accept. Get off the "CLEARANCE RACK" & get behind the glass where they keep all the "VALUABLES". Bottom line is, "VALUE" yourself more!

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I was talking with Mommy and she said I needed a spanking. I of course didn't want one and tried to argue my way out of it. It didn't work so I was directed to give myself a spanking. Not fun. I had to use my new bath brush and my new paddle and not the nice side. The pyramid side. It hurts and sitting isn't much fun. I'm sorry Mommy I was being a brat.

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I had to get a second spanking for getting that ticket in Chicago for driving and using my cell phone. I wore the same dress and boots with black fishnet tights this time! I got a very hard spanking and the video should get posted soon. I uploaded it yesterday. I hope everyone will like it! My butt is still on fire from that spanking yesterday!!!!!

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The summons, when it arrived, hit Jane almost like a punch in the solar plexus.

“Report to my house at 10am sharp on Saturday morning – full school uniform. You will come on the bus. I suggest that you be punctual as I shall be in no mood to put up with any nonsense. You are in enough trouble as it is!”

She had been expecting it of course – it had been a mistake to confess about bunking off work. But somehow – admitting it to Sir had also been a release. It had been playing on her conscience, giving her no peace. She did not want to be punished – but rather she “needed” to be. It was odd to explain.

And it would not be a pleasant experience – she knew that too. Sir had warned her that the next time she transgressed it would mean a caning. The list had grown too long and needed to be cleared. He had not yet had cause to cane her up until now – but she knew what to expect. He had allowed her to watch and listen when he had punished Pauline a week ago. When it came to a caning – Sir did not pussyfoot around.

How the poor girl had gasped and wriggled as the vicious rattan had cut into her taught knickers whilst she presented herself submissively across his desk. The whooping noise as it had sliced through the air. The dull thwack which had echoed mockingly off of the walls as it bit deep into her upturned bottom. The squeals of anguish – the tears – the vigorous rubbing of tender weals as she had pulled down her knickers afterwards, revealing the lurid marks emblazoned across the white flesh of her bottom and upper thighs.

Finally the shame, as she had been sternly reprimanded before being ignominiously dismissed. Jane closed her eyes and could recall it all in minute detail. On Saturday morning it would be her turn to bend over the desk. Her skirts would be raised. She would feel the coldness of the polished desktop against her cheek when she stretched across to grip the far edge.

There would be a moment’s respite while Sir took a couple of practice swings before taking his position behind her. He would be able to see her knickers. How shameful – yet she would push up on tip-toes, presenting her bottom towards him, hoping that she could take her punishment with as much dignity as the situation would allow.

Suddenly Jane felt the urgent need to rush to the toilet.

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I was at the Spanking Secrets studio yesterday, my day off. And for no reason Nick decided that I needed a good spanking! I was on my way shopping and asked why he thought I deserved a spanking and he said, "you've bound to have done something wrong so I think I should smack your bottom!" And that was it, in front of everyone he put me over his knee, whipped up my skirt, took my panties down and spanked me hard on my bare bottom. Trust me girls there's nothing worse than a sore bottom when you're wandering around River Island!!

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I finally got my bottom spanked. Goodness me what a sore bottom I had afterwards. I was taken over my spanker's knee, spanked on my dress, then my tights, then my panties, then my bare bottom. Long and hard, the paddle especially hurt. Then to finish off over her knee again, naked, for more of the hairbrush. See the pictures and videos on my profile.

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I'm meeting a new man for lunch and a drink and maybe some play next Wed. Another man wanted to drive here from Milwaukee the same day! I told him the day maybe long for me as it is also out 1st munch for the month (1st fri.of the month) and another day may be better.

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As part of my video interview/ update series I thought that I would change the interview series to a "Ask Miss Li" series. Post your questions here and I'll try my best to respond to each of them in a bi-weekly video serious. I'll respond primarily to questions regarding spanking and discipline, but also to reasonable non- fetish questions as well. Keep it clean- I won't respond to anything sexual or nasty.
So let's get started and have some fun with this. :)

-Miss Li

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So now the hot weather is here in Cannes and Nice, some of you boys, who need a good spanking, will be planning your holidays. If you want to travel this way and want a hot ass to go with the hot weather, give me a shout! :-)

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You will notice I've changed my videos to private. No request to change them back to public will be granted because I found that someone copied my video and posted it on another site without my permission. This is dishonest, and wrong. If I ever catch who did this, it would make what happened to me in my videos seem like nothing. I may have gotten it in those clips,, but I give it just as hard

Until all unauthorized copies are removed, my videos will remain private.

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Seems like only yesterday but it was one year ago today that I received my first spanking. I am not sure what I expected but it hurt like hell. I know -- it's supposed to hurt. I just didn't think it would hurt that much. Little did I know what the rest of the weekend held in store. Very cathartic, I must admit.

Thank you, you-know-who.

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Message me on Kik (time99909) if your looking for a Dom, daddy, or just want a spanking. I'll work with your needs/desires but also make sure you follow the rules! Message me here if you don't want the app.

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She lowered herself gracefully to the soft riverbank, wincing slightly as she sat, contact with the ground a reminder of the previous evening.

Before last night she had never been spanked at all, even with a hand.

Now her bottom was etched by red and purple lines; most of them parallel, with others laid cruelly across them.

She relished the pain, it was a distraction from the much deeper pain that had consumed her these past months. She knew she had been struggling to cope with life on her own after so many years with Paul. She had pretty much fallen apart...was empty inside. As if she were no longer whole.

Had last night helped? She wondered.

As she mused on this, one of the clouds that had been studding across the sky all afternoon chose to release its load. She shivered as she felt the first drops on her bare arms. The previously colourful landscape was now turning grey. The curious flat-topped hill that had been built by her ancestors thousands of years ago had now become softer-edged. Indistinct. A true enigma; despite recent excavations, no one really knew why they had built the hill. One thing was sure: it had required enormous effort.

Returning to her previous thoughts, she wondered if perhaps it had helped. It was early days of this new self-imposed therapy, but she was beginning to look outside of herself a little more, to wonder again at the world. That must be better than self-absorption, the relentless questioning of why Paul had been afflicted by the terrible disease. Endless railing against the unfairness of the world.

Of staring into the abyss of her future.

It was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. Who said that? He must have been a fool... or a genius.

As is typical of an English May afternoon the rain had stopped already, and the sun was breaking through again. She could smell the rain now. A smell that for some reason always brought back distant memories of childhood. The world was simpler then. Endless summer afternoons running free across the fields, amongst the trees. Laughing and playing with the boys. She had always preferred to play with the boys. They were so much more exciting...

She noticed that the sun was just catching the surface of the river, sending silver reflections dancing across its surface as it was disturbed by fish after the insects above it. The reeds were covered by thousands of silver raindrops, refracting the sun like priceless jewels.

Bewitched, she was absorbed by this magic as time stood still.

Later, as she left there was a slight spring in her step. For the first time in months.

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All day has been hell!! Waiting and waiting knowing what's coming to me. That was painful enough just waiting in my room in the corner waiting on daddy to come home. No one likes to hear those words,"WAIT TIL YOUR DADDY COMES HOME." I was already squirming and could already feel my poor bottom on fire.

Well daddy came home and gave me a good talking too and made sure I will think twice of breaking his rules!!!



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I don't know what it is about me but I seem to have a sign written on my head that I can't see saying use me and hurt me. Is there no men out there anymore that know what protect,cherish and love mean anymore? Anyways don't mean to bash any men on here cuz there's got to be some good ones but I've been beat down again and don't know if I can get back off the ground this time so if anyone has some good advice to get through this,I'd welcome them, thanks love ya

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Maxim put lotion on both his hands and rubbed them together. “This is part of after-care Candy, and it is just as important if not more important than the impact play we just had.” He started by caressing the outside and inside of my thighs, then my breasts, ass, and back. He pressed his palms flat on the backs of my thighs massaging them, and then spread my legs wide. Cool air rushed in, the chill settling into the slickness over the heated folds of my sex. I'm sure my cheeks became even redder, as I felt his cold lips on the side of my neck beneath my ear.
"Mmm my kitten... Why so red? You look so beautiful... Helpless before me and your skin covered in red whip marks... Your body is begging for my cock." His fingertips caressed teasingly just over my slit, the chill of his skin against my overheated flesh keeping my sensitive nerves on end. A second later, I felt slick fingertips touching my lower lip.
"Wouldn't you agree, pet?" With a small smile, I opened my mouth and he slid two fingers onto my tongue. I moaned softly, knowing it would please him as I curled my tongue around his fingers and sucked them as if they were his cock. I heard the smile in his voice when he spoke.
"Mmmm... You're a very good listener. You make master proud, Candy." He pulled his fingers out of my mouth, leaving me wondering for a few seconds what his next move would be. I felt the soft tips of his hair brushing my forehead before he kisses me tenderly and lovingly. His right hand closed around my breast and he began massaging it, rolling the nipple with his thumb. I moaned against his lips and he drank in the sound.
As he claimed my lips, I felt his tip pressing against my dripping entrance. Maxim's tongue slipped between my lips as he thrust inside me, drawing a little mewling cry out of me matching the moniker Maxim had given me, “my little kitten.” He groaned quietly, his free hand resting on my hip to keep me steady as he began thrusting in and out of me. My master broke the kiss, sliding his lips down the side of my neck and moving his other hand to my hips as well. I wrapped my legs around him, keeping us together.
He moaned quietly, his tip pressed deep inside of me. "My god... You are so tight... You feel so good, my little kitten..." My eyelids fluttered beneath the blindfold as I heard him, a smile spreading over my lips. He felt amazing, too. He filled me so fully, his shaft spreading my inner walls as he thrust in and out of me. I whimpered swaying between the pleasure and pain of his cock filling me so fully. I was tipping my head back and grinding my hips on him as he started a slow and gentle rhythm.
Maxim’s hands rubbed my lower back, cold hands caressing my skin and rubbing along my spine. His left travelled slowly and tantalizingly up my back, leaving a trail of goosebumps. He kept going, fingertips stopping at the knot of the scarf resting in the base of my skull. He undid the knot quickly, the silk sliding over my eyes as the material fluttered to the floor. My eyes opened quickly and I looked at him, smiling genuinely. His handsome face was a little flushed, framed perfectly by his thick soft brown hair. His dark, soulful eyes were looking back at me; there was a sort of tenderness there that I had never really seen.
Maxim’s hips began pumping a little faster, his length sliding in and out more quickly. Maxim had found just the right angle, his head rubbing against my sweet spot as he moved inside me. I was making mewling and whimpering sounds, moisture coating us where we were joined. He leaned down, kissing along my collarbone as he took me.
"Mmmm... Candy... You feel sooo... good..." The sound of his voice sent shivers down my spine, making my heart flutter in the process. I guess he heard it, because he smiled and looked down at me, caressing my cheek as he pumped into me.
"Mmm... I'm yours... Maaaaxxxxiim..."
My master closed his eyes as I spoke, sighing and smiling lustfully. "Tell me again, louder. Who do you belong to?"
My voice trembled a little; I felt so incredible full with him inside me, it had become very hard to speak and form words coherently.
"Aaaahhh... I... Belong to you...!! I'm yours...!!" His hand cupped my cheek as he kept going faster yet, the tops of his thighs slapping against my ass. I moaned harder, my head dropping back and my eyes nearly rolling up in my skull.
Maxim's hand moved from my cheek to the base of my skull, lifting my head up so he could look into my eyes as he took me, forced such ecstasy into my body, took control of me and used me for his pleasure. He commanded roughly,
"Come for me, pet!"
The intense look in his eye drove me over the edge and I came hard, arching my spine and pulling against the restraints. The chains creaked as I let out my kitten sounding meowing moan and writhed, still impaled on my Maxim’s cock. He cursed audibly and I felt him twitching inside me as my inner muscles began tightening like a vice. He let go of my neck, clamping both hands on my hips just above my ass, gripping the tender flesh hard as he drove into me. My mind was completely blank and I had relaxed significantly from the hard climax.

Maxim moaned loudly, grinding and thrusting in and out as he got closer. His shaft swelled within me and he erupted, coating my spasming walls with his seed. I shuddered, moaning quietly as jet after jet of cum spurted inside me. He held my hips tight to him as he emptied out in me, both our legs a little shaky from the sex. My shoulder blades were aching from the strain of being held up in the chains, but I didn't care. My skin tingled with a warm after-glow from the orgasm and my heart beat calmly and contentedly. Maxim stayed deep inside me, keeping his seed in my depths. He stroked a few stray hairs out of my face, his cool fingertips brushing my heated flesh, a soothing and welcomed temperature change. He looked down at me, his other arm still supporting most of my weight, resting beneath my ass and keeping my legs wrapped around his hips.
"Close your eyes, kitten. You've done well today." I smiled again, quickly closing my eyes like he said and holding still. His arm beneath my ass moved and I was left to support my own weight, shifting a little to make it easier on my shoulders. Light as a butterfly, I felt his touch sweeping the hair off my neck and something cool settling around it. There was a soft 'click' as he closed the clasp, stroking his fingertips over the jeweled platinum. "It's your collar, my little sub. Now you can tell the world who you belong to... You may open your eyes."
I felt my cheeks heating up with a blush and I opened my eyes, looking up at him as his arm settled around my lower back and once more supported the weight off my shoulders. His other arm reached above me, unhooking the soft leather cuffs from the ceiling, just leaving the pair on my wrists. Un-w rapping my legs, he pulled out of me slowly; he was still hard as a rock. Master set me down, holding me as I steadied myself on shaky legs. He smiled mischievously down at me; I knew that look well. I licked my lips in anticipation.
"Now... Get on your knees and show me how happy you are to wear my collar." It did not take long to finish him off he had trained me on the ways he enjoyed oral sex for months now. I took him deep into my throat swallowing over and over to make my throat muscles spasm around his shaft. I felt he was about to cum, took him as deeply as possible, and swallowed his cum down greedily.

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"What if I told you that this-" the soft fluttering brushed my ribs on my right side; "-is a leather flogger?" My heart leapt a little in surprise, the chains creaking ever so slightly as I shifted my hips, the excitement souring a little with fear. He stayed silent for a few seconds, probably listening to my heart as it began beating harder.
"What are you feeling now?" His voice faded and I paused, waiting for him to give me permission to speak even though I wanted to blurt out my answer in fear; what the hell did he intend to do with a flogger? Beat me??
I heard the smile and approval in his voice, the slight change of tone soothing me just a bit.
"You are learning well. You may answer me." Taking a breath, I answered quickly, trying to keep my apprehensiveness from showing.
“Fear, I feel intimidated and unsure, Master." My master's hand gently brushed my cheek and he nuzzled my neck affectionately, speaking in a more intimate tone of voice.
"Oh, Candy my little kitten... I will never hurt you beyond your desires or give you more than I know you can take. What I do is for your pleasure as well as mine. Do you trust your master, my little pet? You may speak." My heart began to calm as he spoke and the proximity of him, the feeling of his touch helping to sooth my fears. I absolutely trusted him.
"Yes, Master." I heard the smile in his smooth voice. "Good girl.”
“Now, we shall begin. I want you to count. Your safe word is 'blue.' You may use it at any time and there will be no consequence or punishment. It’s important Candy. We must have this trust between us. You have given me your consent, nothing ever happens that I don’t say will happen, and what I say will happen does happen. So, I need to know and trust you will use your safe word in case I miss something even though we have worked for months to get to this point, judging your tolerance during play, tonight my kitten will be very different than all the other times. Count; you have my permission to speak each number."

A second after he stopped speaking, I heard the flogger swishing through the air; the soft leather flicked hard over the small of my back. I jumped a little, a small gasp escaping my lips. I opened my eyes beneath the blindfold out of surprise, even though it was pointless. I blinked as the sting turned into growing warmth in my nerves... It soon wasn't enough. I wanted more. I realized I had almost forgotten to count as he had instructed.
"One." The flogger flicked a little harder on my hip, raising goosebumps in my skin and making my nerves quiver in the most exquisite way.
The leather struck my left shoulder, the force behind each hit increasing little by little. I gasped softly, the chains creaking as I pulled at them, my toes barely touching the soft carpet beneath our feet.
"Three." There was a quiet footstep coming from my left; a split second later the flogger snapped across my breasts. The stinging concentrated in my nipples, little bolts of electricity jolting straight to my core and making the apex between my legs hurt with need.
"Four." My voice was getting a little more breathless; it was getting harder to count. The flogger struck the back of my thighs.
The game repeated until my count reached ten; by that time I was panting with need, my nerves practically on fire and the inside of my thighs slick with arousal. My legs trembled a bit, my knees turned to jelly from the pain and pleasure. Maxim's fingertips caressed over the back of my shoulders and I heard a muted thump; he must've dropped the flogger to the floor. Part of me wanted to beg him to whip me more, but I stayed silent and waited for what he would do next. He moved around me, coming to a stop standing directly in front of me, judging by the sound of his footsteps. He rubbed lotion on my bottom saying, “Looks like your bottom needs a bit more personal attention.” He began to spank my bare bottom, and the lotion made the impact ting more. I cried out with each slap, first one cheek then the other.” “Do you like that Candus?” “Permission to answer me is granted.” “Yes Master I like it.” He reached between my legs fingering me, playing with my clit and said, “I can feel how much you like it kitten.” “MMMMMM so wet my little sub.” He spanked me another 30 times 15 times per cheek mostly on my sit spots with a couple softer slaps between my legs. I was literally dripping for his cock.

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