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Yesterday, I wriggled about during my morning spanking, G seemed to be hitting much harder with his favourite crop. I even stood up, yelling, “ Don’t go so hard. ‘ He was not impressed so continued even harder.
Later that morning I sent an apology message to him, saying I was sorry, I had no right to yell at him like that, or tell him what to do. I promised I would try much harder to stay still.
He replied, I should think so too !
This morning as he was picking his crop up, I stood up ready to kneel on the chair, when he said, “ I’d like to do your tits today. Seeing as you wriggled about yesterday. ‘ I glared at him, fuming, as he looked at me until I took my dressing gown off, and went to lift my nightie up. “ You may as well take it off fully and put your hands on your head. “ I knew I was throwing him the death stare, I was so fucking mad.
I thought or hoped he may not do the full 30 on my tits, of course I was wrong.
He had this evil look on his face, like he knew I was totally pissed off and he found it amusing. I did not !
10 on my left tit, just above the nipple, doing 10 on my right tit seemed to hurt so much more and I couldn’t stop myself from covering my tits with my arms, slowly putting my hands back on my head when I saw his look on his face. I think I did this 3 times just on that 10. G was not impressed. I will be honest I swore a lot.
Then the last 10. When he spanks my ass in the morning, I get 10 on each cheek, then 10 across both, I prayed he wasn’t going to do that, but when he turned me sideways, I knew he was going to go across both.
I felt so fucking mad, I wanted to scream at him, naturally I didn’t, I just put a stoney look on my face, glaring at the curtains as he whipped across both tits twice, before my arms covered them again, swearing like a trooper.
Slowly my arms went back, hands on my head, he held my elbow to stop me moving as another 4 whipped my tits, always just above my nipples.
Again, I grabbed my tits, “ Fucking hell, “ I yelled. He was starting to get very cross with me, as my hands returned, he held my elbow harder so I couldn’t move it down. Another 3 struck me and I repeated grabbing my tits.
G grabbed my arms moving them away, held my arm and whipped me 2 or 3 times, I can’t remember which. I was too pissed to count.
Once it was over, the death stare continued, I went to grab my nightie but he stopped me, looking at me until I thanked him for my morning spanking, through gritted teeth. I threw my nightie on quickly, pouting and glaring, I put my dressing gown on and went to my stool for contemplation time.
“ I think tomorrow we will do the same spanking as you wriggled about so much then. “ I didn’t reply, just snatched my timer of the cupboard to put 20 minutes on it. “ Ermmm, don’t snatch things like that. “ he told me, giving me a kiss before he headed to work. “ I will look forward to a grovelling text, apologising for all the wriggling. “ He turned my face to look at him, holding my chin, slapping my cheek. “Mmmmmmmm,” l replied in a sarcastic way, “Pardon ?” He asked but I said nothing, he slapped my other cheek then he left for work.

I was left fuming on my stool. Was he fucking joking, I should apologise for wriggling about. He should try having the crop whipped across his man-tits, see how he likes it.
Fucking apology, yeah right.
Tits, pussy, cock and balls are all such delicate parts of our body so why do people think they should get spanked, they should be cherished not spanked.
Unfortunately, I know he will probably read this blog, so he won't be happy, but I had to vent, and let it all out.
I did take the photos during contemplation time, coz I know the marks might fade quickly, but as soon as they were done, I went to finish my contemplation time.
But this Serf is not a happy Serf, I’m glad I’m out tonight, because, I feel I may be a very stroppy, bratty Serf for the entire evening.
Venting finished.

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I was saying to Sir how lucky I felt that he had no visitors that day that he spanked me and put me on the naughty stool...he asked why and I said I would have felt humiliated because it seemed so juvinile...well he ordered me to post those pics so everyone can see....saying pride comes before a least you can't see the tears

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Bored now bedtime yawn!

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Is anybody there?
Hellooo testing testing 123 spank?

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So sir was here checked me and. Saw I had no new cut marks and talked to me a while and was very understanding and caring . Although when he showed up he was angry... But he talked to me and I thank him so much for that.. just before he showed up I did a huge. Shot of rum cause I knew I was In trouble. But he was very understanding. Witch blew my mind. Told him I was on the edge and I was scared what I might do so he talked some.more and he made me feel better...... Babygirl loves her Sir. He had to leave cause he had to work later... So now IAM drinking more and relaxing..... Wow I figured he would have flipped but he didn't amazing....

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We flock together as the saying goes..before the internet I thought there was no body like me.....obsessed with spanking and regression in short pants...but low and behold there are lads of the same to all you peter pan types a heartfelt all the best and to our Sirs a big thank you and more power to your arms...

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OH YES PLEASE.........

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I'm working on those lines for Mistress but it's a bit like being spanked in that about half way through, the novelty has worn off, it really is starting to hurt and you wish it was all over. The pain is not through writer's cramp, or anything physical. It is just the sheer tedium and the thought that you could be doing something more enjoyable, like looking at spankingtube videos! I have tried having half an eye on the TV, but Mistress is eagle-eyed for mistakes so I daren't let my attention wander too much. Each 100 lines takes me about an hour, so the 1500 she has set is 15 hours of my life gone! Still, I'm learning my lesson so that's the whole point.

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Sit said he was going to come and inspect my body to see if I have cut again he was not pleased at all with my blogs. And IAM sure I will get a lecture over my's not my fat I was venting., Would he rather me keep everything in side. Yes I said bad words and talked about cutting again. Yes in the past I have cut to release stress..... Not deep not around veins IAM I ashamed yes. Do I know it's wrong Yes.... Will I get in trouble possible.... If not today Then another day

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I'm up pretty early to this morning because I'm going to my disciplinarian this morning he's going to give me my discipline spanking like we were supposed to talk about when he decided to spank me, I'm nervous this will be my first setup real!discipline session he said your going to cry for sure I'm getting corner time then hand spanked on my bare bottom then corner time after fully nude otk bath brush spanking until I'm a bawling mess where I go into the corner to think about what to me spanked.? Then some lines.....nervous

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After unreasonable grade marks I took her by her panties gave her a wedgie and Proceeded to multiple whippings and used both my leather belt a wet brush and finished with my hand for an F should teach her good want to see?
Daddy sir

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As we all know, spankingtube is less of a social media site and more about sharing pictures and videos. For those who want to friend us on Fet Life (which is more about social media), we are happy for new friends there!

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Hi dere

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To me giving up isn't a option but IAM I strong enough for this I don't know if I can do it. I really need sir to tell me what I should do.give me strength and support. But that's not going to happen he is to Damm fucken busy... Guess I can drink my problems away.... For maybe alitte bit.. got more run. So IA. Drinking later I have to go to Charlotte. So won't drink that much... Will I be driving maybe... Don't know yet....

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How are all my Spankocity bratty sisters and brothers? I miss all of you and of course Missy and the whole gang. It was so much fun there. Just wondering how everyone is doing? Miss y'all

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Nothing to do with the Tube, but have to celebrate.
Our son, E, has passed his driving test, first time, only loosing 3 points. 1 for not changing gear, and 2 for positioning when turning a corner. Im so proud of him, he's only had 20 lessons, the usual in this country is 45 lessons.
Yes he took 3 goes to pass the theory, but that test is rediculously hard. Only 40% of people pass each time. His Dad and I never passed any practice tests lol.

So its official, my baby is no more, hes a handsome young man, with a beautiful, lovely girlfriend, and he really doesnt need me for much anymore. Okay, yes he will, for laundry, cleaning, taxi service for once he officially starts going to the pub and clubs, ( taxis are crazy prices, so I’d rather pick him up at 3 am than get a taxi. )
Now it’s his dad’s turn in finding the cheapest insurance possible. Anything under £3000 would be nice.

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Thank you to all who commented on the last "picture perfect" I think it got the most comments I've had so far , but then who doesn't like a beautifully caned bottoms ..

Isn't this a truly magnificent bottom , a spankers dream.

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